“Disenchanted” debuts on DisneyPlus! Discover 8 curiosities from the sequel to “Enchanted”…



Who here loves a princess story? Many generations grew up with this role model in mind, and the same thing happened to dear Giselle (Amy Adams) in her magical little world…until she found herself in New York and discovered the real world, with all its challenges and much less romanticism. . And now, fifteen years after Disney made us fall in love with “Enchanted,” the sequel, “Disenchanted,” has finally arrived on the DisneyPlus platform. Therefore, here we bring 8 curiosities of the new production.

8 – Mr. Dubbing

Alan Tudyk’s name may not mean much to you, but he is the true king of dubbing at Disney. In addition to lending his voice to Scroll in “Disenchanted,” his voice can also be heard in The Company’s next release of Mickey Mouse, “Mundo Estranho.” Before, he was also the Duke in the ‘Zootopia’ series, the Toucan in ‘Enchantment’, the Tuk Tuk in ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, the Iago in ‘Aladdin’, the guards in ‘Frozen 2’… has a voice!

7 – Script and songs

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In 2018, producer Adam Shankman announced that the script for “Disenchanted” was already ready and that it would contain many more songs than the previous film. He also announced that the feature would contain the same amount of 2D animation scenes. After finalizing the script, the songwriting phase began.

6 – Patrick Dempsey’s first time

It’s true! In ‘Disenchanted’, we’ll have the debut of Patrick Dempsey singing in musicals! This is the first time the actor has spoken in films.

5 – The Glee School

Jayma and Idina Menzel both started their careers in the teen series “Glee”. It seems like the show has really been a tremendous career booster for many actors, right?

4 – Fake news

In 2017, there was fake news that the recordings would start in May this year. In fact, the recordings only took place between May and August 2021, much later.

3 – Wig

Although Amy Adams has red hair and is known worldwide for her orange tone in her locks, to record “Disenchanted” she asked to wear a wig of the same shade.

2 – Tangled

Interestingly, ‘Disenchanted’ comes out on the 12th anniversary of the release of another Disney production: ‘Tangled’ (2010)

1 – New York?

Although the story is set in New York, “Disenchanted” was actually recorded in Dublin, Ireland.

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