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Discover the worst films awarded at the Golden Raspberry



Okay, we love to talk about Oscar, but there is another award in Hollywood dedicated to being the opposite of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebration, and that evokes completely different emotions! The Golden Raspberry celebrates the worst movies released in the last 12 months every year, with the right to break it down into categories and all. Of course, artists are not always very happy to be recalled by Framboesa, but it is certain that the price has left its mark. Whether by grace or by revolt.

This year, the winners will be announced this Saturday 24th and will compete for the worst movie prize ‘365 Days’, ‘Absolute Poof’, ‘Dolittle’, ‘Fantasy Island’ and ‘Music’ – yes, that of Sia. Glenn Close makes history, as she is nominated for the same role in “Once Upon a Dream” for both the Oscar for Best Actress and the Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actress. This is the third time in four decades that this has happened! The other two were with James Coco (“The Sweet Taste of a Smile”) and Amy Irving (“Yentl”).

On other occasions, the same actor or actress has been nominated for both awards in the same year, but for different projects. This was the case with Melissa McCarthy, Eddie Redmayne, Sylvester Stallone, Rooney Mara, Sandra Bullock, Jack Nicholson and Uma Thurman, to name a few.

Among the famous list of winners are Paul Verhoeven, Ben Affleck, Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Adam Sandler and Bruce Willis. Some of them even attended the ceremony. This was the case of Sandra Bullock, who in 2010 received on Saturday her Raspberry for Worst Actress for the romantic comedy “Nothing More Than Steve” and, the next day, received her Oscar for Best Actress for “A Dream Possible” . Want more proof that everyone has their ups and downs?

Created 41 years ago by then UCLA film student John JB Wilson with his friend Mo Murphy, the award started off the cuff at a dinner party at Wilson’s house, and took shape and a kind of relevance. over the following years. Currently, it has ten fixed categories, including “worst prelude, sequence, derivative or imitation” and “worst combo or double on stage”, and a few others that appear occasionally depending on the year and the occasion.

In the media, the prize has already received negative reviews because its rules are not very strict and because anyone can join the association for a fee of US $ 40. Some movie critics are also observing that the Golden Raspberry chooses easy targets that they had previously been heavily targeted in the media, instead of watching less popular, but equally bad, movies.

To date, Sylvester Stallone is Raspberry’s most awarded actor, with 10 wins, and Madonna is the gold medal-winning actress, with nine awards.

Enjoy watching:

See the list of all the winners in the “worst film” category since the first year below.

2019 – Cats

Directed by: Tom Hooper.

Written by: Lee Hall, Tom Hooper, Andrew Lloyd Webber (musical) and TS Elliot (book of poems).

2018 – Holmes and Watson

Directed by: Etan Cohen.

Written by: Etan Cohen, Arthur Conan Doyle (characters).

2017 – Emoji: the movie

Directed by: Tony Leondis.

Written by: Tony Leondis, Eric Siegel.

2016 – Hillary’s United States: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Directed by: Dinesh D’Souza, Bruce Schooley.

Written by: Dinesh D’Souza, Bruce Schooley.

2015 – Fifty Shades of Gray

Directed by: Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Written by: Kelly Marcel, EL James (original work).

Fantastic Four (tie)

Directed by: Josh Trank.

Written by: Jeremy Slater, Simon Kinberg.

2014 – Save Christmas

Directed by: Darren Doane.

Written by: Darren Doane, Cheston Hervey.

2013 – For bigger

Directed by: Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, James Gunn, Peter Farrelly and more.

Written by: Rocky Russo, Jeremy Sosenko and more.

2012 – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Directed by: Bill Condon.

Written by: Melissa Rosenberg, Stephanie Meyer (original work).

2011 – Everyone has the twin they deserve

Directed by: Dennis Dugan.

Written by: Ben Zook, Steve Koren.

2010 – The last airbender

Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan.

Written by: M. Night Shyamalan.

2009 – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Directed by: Michael Bay.

Written by: Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman.

2008 – The Guru of Love

Directed by: Marco Schnabel.

Written By: Mike Myers, Graham Gordy.

2007 – I know who killed me

Directed by: Chris Sivertson.

Written by: Jeff Hammond.

2006 – Wild Instinct 2

Directed by: Michael Caton-Jones.

Written by: Joe Eszterhas (characters), Leora Barish.

2005 – Dirty Love: Giving Change

Directed by: John Asher.

Written by: Jenny McCarthy.

2004 – Catwoman

Directed by: Pitof.

Written by: Bob Kane (characters), Theresa Rebeck (story).

2003 – Risk Contact

Directed by: Martin Brest.

Written by: Martin Brest.

2002 – Unusual destination

Directed by: Guy Ritchie.

Written by: Guy Ritchie.

2001 – Out of the house!

Directed by: Tom Green.

Written by: Tom Green, Derek Harvie.

2000 – The reconquest

Directed by: Roger Christian.

Written by: Corey Mandell, JD Shapiro.

1999 – The Mad Adventures of James West

Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld.

Written By: Jim Thomas, John Thomas.

1998 – Hollywood – Beyond the Cameras

Directed by: Arthur Hiller.

Written By: Joe Eszterhas.

1997- The Messenger

Directed by: Kevin Costner.

Written by: David Brin (novel), Eric Roth.

1996 – Striptease

Directed by: Andrew Bergman.

Written by: Carl Hiaasen, Andrew Bergman.

1995 – Showgirls

Directed by: Paul Verhoeven.

Written By: Joe Eszterhas.

1994 – The color of the night

Directed by: Richard Rush.

Written by: Billy Ray, Matthew Chapman.

1993 – Indecent Proposal

Directed by: Adrian Lyne.

Written by: Jack Engelhard (novel), Amy Holden Jones.

1992 – A light in the dark

Directed by: David Seltzer.

Written by: Susan Isaacs (novel), David Seltzer.

1991 – Hudson Hawk – The Falcon is free

Directed by: Michael Lehmann.

Written by: Bruce Willis, Robert Kraft.

1990 – The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Directed by: Renny Harlin.

Written by: Daniel Waters, James Cape.

1989 – Star Trek V: The Last Frontier

Directed by: William Shatner.

Written by: Gene Roddenberry (original), William Shatner.

1988 – Cocktail

Directed by: Roger Donaldson.

Written by: Heywood Gould.

1987 – Leonard – Part 6

Directed by: Paul Weiland.

Written by: Jonathan Reynolds.

1986 – Howard the superhero

Directed by: Willard Huyck.

Written by: Steve Gerber (character), Willard Huyck.

Under the spring moonlight (tie)

Directed by: Prince, Michael Ballhaus.

Written by: Becky Johnson.

1985 – Rambo 2 – The Mission

Directed by: George P. Cosmatos.

Written by: David Morrell (characters), Kevin Jarre.

1984 – Bolero

Directed by: John Derek.

Written by: John Derek.

1983 – The Lonely Woman

Directed by: Peter Sasdy.

Written by: Harold Robbins (novel), Ellen Shepard.

1982 – Inchon

Directed by: Terence Young.

Written by: Robin Moore, Laird Koeing.

1981 – Dear mom

Directed by: Frank Perry.

Written by: Christina Crawford (original work), Frank Yablans.

1980 – The music can’t stop

Directed by: Nancy Walker.

Written by: Bronte Woodard, Allan Carr.

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