Discover the story of the little girl with terminal cancer who watched “Spider-Man 3” as her last wish in life



Sophia Vitória had one last wish: to watch Spider-Man: No Homecoming in theaters, the latest film by her favorite superhero. And even in the face of terminal cancer, she managed to make this last dream come true, after a mobilization made by her family, friends and doctors (via O Globo).

And during a preview session for the film – at a shopping mall in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro, Sophia was able to attend one of the most anticipated meetings for Marvel fans. The young woman was also surprised by a warm message of support from star Willem Dafoe, who plays the villainous Duende Verde in the sequence.

In a special video sent to her privately, Dafoe sent her love out saying:

“A friend told me about you. I know you are a huge Spider-Man fan. I know you saw the movie. I just wanted to greet you and tell you that I am thinking of you and sending you my love from where I am in Italy ”.

Four days after her big cinema screening, more precisely on Monday (20), little Sophia unfortunately died, as reported by the O Globo portal. She was previously hospitalized at the Martagão Gesteira Institute of Childcare and Pediatrics (IPPMG), at the UFRJ, in Ilha do Fundão, North Zone.

Sophia suffered from aplastic spinal cord and an intramandibular tumor and last week she was already receiving palliative care directly at home.

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Aplastic bone marrow, or aplastic anemia, is a rare disease of the bone marrow in which the production of blood cells that are normal in shape and function are reduced.

Our feelings for all members of the family.

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