Discover The Beauty And Benefits Of Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf



An exquisite and resilient turf is the cornerstone of any outdoor space, and Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf stands tall as an option for creating one. As per experts like Buffalo Turf, Renowned for its exquisite qualities and immense popularity across Australia, this variety has gained incredible renown among Australian homeowners and landscape enthusiasts alike. Join us as we unravel its captivating features, benefits, and maintenance tips – join us as we unveil its secrets of success that continue to draw them to its ranks.

The Charm of Australian Sir Walter Buffalo 

Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is famed for its lush and emerald-green appearance. Boasting dense growth habits and soft luxurious texture, its dense growth habit is delightful underfoot while its ability to retain color even in shaded areas provides an eye-catching lawn all year round. Carefully selected to thrive in Australia’s diverse climate conditions, its exceptional durability makes it perfect for active families and pets to ensure it remains beautiful after years of use.

Advantages of Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf 

Low Maintenance: Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf requires minimal upkeep compared to other turf varieties. Due to its natural resistance to pests, diseases, and weeds, chemical treatments and excessive maintenance routines typically aren’t needed; regular mowing, fertilization, and irrigation usually suffice in keeping its vibrant appearance alive and well.

Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf stands out among other grasses by its exceptional drought tolerance. This feature can be attributed to its deep root system which accesses moisture from deeper soil layers for survival during dry spells. Not only will this conserve water consumption, but it will ensure your lawn remains resilient and beautiful even under challenging climatic conditions.


Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf’s extensive root system makes it an effective means of combating soil erosion and runoff, contributing to a healthier environment. Furthermore, its natural ability to trap carbon dioxide helps purify the air while also mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Maintenance Tips for Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf 

Although Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf requires minimal care and maintenance, following some essential practices will help preserve its beauty for as long as possible:

Mowing: Adjust the mower blade height (35-50mm) and mow frequently to keep the turf at an optimum length. Avoid cutting more than one-third of its total length during one mowing session in order to minimize stress levels and ensure optimal conditions.

Watering: For optimal root development, provide deep and infrequent irrigation of two to three times weekly during hot and dry spells – although frequency and duration should be adjusted according to weather conditions and local water restrictions.

Fertilization: Apply a low-phosphorus, slow release fertilizer during the growing season for healthy plant development and follow manufacturer instructions regarding application rates and timings.

Weed Control: Conduct regular lawn inspections to monitor for and manually remove any weeds that appear, without resorting to herbicides unless absolutely necessary (Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf has natural resistance against weeds).

Aeration: Periodically aerate the soil to alleviate compaction and maximize water and nutrient penetration, using either a garden fork or mechanical aerator. This should help alleviate compaction while improving permeability for nutrients to reach their destinations.


Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf offers the ideal blend of beauty, durability, and low maintenance costs, making it the ideal choice for homeowners seeking an eye-catching lawn with minimal effort. Its lush appearance, adaptability to different climates, and eco-friendly attributes set it apart from other turf varieties. By following simple maintenance practices you can experience its year-round beauty and functionality while creating an inviting outdoor space perfect for relaxation, recreation, making memories with family and friends, or creating lasting heirlooms with this remarkable variety. Come embrace Australian Sir Walter Buffalo Turf; elevate your lawn’s beauty.

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