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Discover the 10 most-watched authentic movies of all time in Netflix history



Established in 1997, Netflix morphed into a streaming platform in the early 2010s, taking a concept and turning it into a legal business. With the advent of broadband internet services, many saw the opportunity of black market movies – downloading and downloading the latest and most sought after movie productions for free. Well, it has come at a cost to the studios and to those who make such films – say, nothing to the consumer. It was still the era of digital media, but video rental stores were already suffering from “competition” from illegal downloads – here in Brazil, one of the best examples was the first Tropa de Elite (2008).

Thus, the American company, which was also facing the very imminent disappearance of video rental companies, needed to reconfigure itself and legalize the concept of “downloaded films”. For a small fee (today, less and less modest), a real film library collection would be made available on the platform. And because he was always a quick thinker, Netflix also realized that it had to produce its own programs. So, in 2013, series such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove were launched. Two years later, the company entered the film market, and in a punchy way, with the Beasts of No Nation underrated and “injured.” Since then, we have seen history unfold before our eyes.

Netflix remains the leader in the streaming market, where today all the biggest studios have decided to come and play. The company registered in October 2021, the number of 214 million subscribers. With that in mind, we’ve decided to bring you this new post with the top 10 greatest Netflix original hits of all time. These are the most viewed movies on the platform – commented for you. To verify.

In tenth position, with a total of 186 million hours watched in the first 28 days after its debut, is this super production which launched in 2020. Starring muse Charlize Theron (and also produced by her), the work is the screen adaptation of the comics created by Greg Rucka (who also writes the screenplay). The story shows a group of immortals – in the best Highlander style – working as mercenaries in order to make the world a better place. Certainly, one of the factors that attracted Theron was the direction of filmmaker Gina Prince-Bythewood, a woman in charge of such a product – since Theron is a women’s empowerment activist in Hollywood. It was such a success that the sequel is already out of print, once again with Theron in charge of the project.

09) Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas (2021)

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2021 has been a good year for director Zack Snyder. After going through some tough times in his life, both professionally and personally, the filmmaker has made a comeback and this year not only managed to release his long-awaited version for Justice League, receiving praise from everyone and quite a few more – making her become a hero to leave the villainous role to Joss Whedon – as well as a more than successful partnership with Netflix. Army of the Dead, his latest work, is a mix of Dawn of the Dead (2004) with the superhero blockbusters he usually makes, in other words a hyperbolic zombie movie. The success has been great, Army of the Dead has generated a spinoff and next year it will arrive in the form of an animated series. The film was viewed 187 million hours in the first 28 days after release.

Of course, Netflix today attracts all kinds of talent with its policy of minimal interference in the creation of copyrighted artists, stars like muse Charlize Theron, pop icons like Zack Snyder and even, say, more mature filmmakers, as we’ll see in more, follow the list. However, one thing the business is starting to do as well is create their own Silver Stars from home. This was the case with young girl Millie Bobby Brown, raised to the post of new Hollywood juvenile phenomenon, thanks to her revelation in the Stranger Things series – one of the house’s most valuable properties. Trying to score very well with platform fans, Millie scored another big goal with this Enola Holmes, film about the little sister of Sherlock Holmes. And yes, Henry Cavill took a back seat. There were 190 million hours of viewing in the first 28 days after the premiere.

Here we have a successful partnership that Netflix, without wasting time, has decided to bring to its domains. Action film director Peter Berg has delivered three blockbuster films alongside star Mark Wahlberg, all based on actual and recent American stories. The first collaboration was with The Great Hero (2013), about soldiers behind enemy lines. Next come Deep Horizon (2016), on one of the biggest disasters on an oil rig, and The Day of the Attack (2016), on the terrorist attacks at the Boston Olympics. The duo’s fourth film, 22 Miles (2018), was the first non-actual event action story. In 2020, in perhaps his most ambitious approach, Berg entrusts Wahlberg with the adaptation of a book, and consequently of a cult series from the 1980s, on the investigations of a former police officer. The film gained 197 million viewing hours in its first 28 days after its premiere.

In sixth place we have the “oldest” movie on the list, dating from two years ago. As you can see, the house’s biggest hits have been performing from last year until now. Here we have another star filmmaker, who wins young viewers with each new large-scale project. We’re talking about Michael Bay, the “father” of the Transformers in the movies. If there’s one thing the filmmaker knows well, it’s the unbridled action, which includes explosions from all sides and truly electrifying scenes. At the helm of the cast is Ryan Reynolds – who chooses his Deadpool writers to polish the story with Bay in charge. The plot follows a group of six renegade super spies, acting out stealth missions. The film totaled 205 million viewing hours in its first 28 days after release.

Here we have a curious case with this teenage romantic comedy – which is a segment where Netflix has gambled a lot and been successful in many cases. Films such as For All the Boys I’ve Loved, O Encontro Perfeito and Sierra Burgessé a Loser have captured the tastes of teenage viewers on the platform. But none of them have been as successful as A Barraca do Beijo (2018), about a shy teenage girl, who will go after her crush once and for all. The feature captured so much attention that the sequel released two years later became the fifth most-viewed film on the platform – a total of 209 million hours in its 28 days after its release. If that isn’t youthful hype, I don’t know what it is. However, many may have thought that this story did not need another film, so much so that the third Barraca do Beijo, released this year, did not perform as well with its target audience as the second. All three are played by the young and talented Joey King.

Another “old” movie by the standards of the platform’s biggest hits, dating back two years. And who said we wouldn’t have some serious adult movies on the list. “Too long, boring, dragged and full of uncles playing the role” is the thought of a large part of the “Marvel” generation for this true masterpiece by filmmaker Martin Scorsese, considered by many to be the biggest director still in activity. – and enemy number 1 by Marvel Studios for those born after the internet was created. According to a book, Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and the directors of the film reveal the fate of union leader Jimmy Hoffa and the man who claims to have killed him. The result? In addition to 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, the fourth most powerful in the house with 215 million hours watched after the first 28 days of screening.

As if growing success weren’t enough, Netflix flourished even more during the coronavirus pandemic. In a time when no one could leave the house, the company saw some of its 2020 productions break into the biggest hits of all time. One of them was this action thriller starring Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. One of Hollywood’s biggest stars today, the young blond actor does a great job in this type of film, and here he found yet another potential franchise to call his own. So much so that the film has already confirmed its pursuit and is being filmed for the premiere next year. Rescue logged 231 million hours of viewing in its first 28 days after debuting.

While some of the films on the list came out two years ago, let alone this one, which was then the house’s biggest hit – having released three years ago (the same as the last century, for hyperactive and attention deficit generation). Yes, many may think that Bird Box debuted a long time ago, but in fact, it’s only been three years since Sandra Bullock was faced with some very frightening supernatural events that she couldn’t see if she didn’t want to. not die. The story is based on a book, but since the film was released the same year as A Silent Place, it was impossible not to notice many similarities in its narrative, only changing the deprivation of sound for vision. A star of Bullock’s stature deserves to have been Netflix’s audience leader for three years with 282 million viewing hours after 28 days of his debut. Bullock’s partnership with Netflix has been so successful that the actress has already tried to repeat it with the drama Unforgivable – which premieres later this year.

Yes, Bird Box was the most watched movie on Netflix of all time. That’s because along the way came a real blockbuster, which is also the most expensive film the company has ever funded – with an estimated budget of around $ 250 million. It’s this Red Alert, action blockbuster that brings together for the first time on screen the trio formed by Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. In the plot, Gadot plays the world’s most famous and wanted thief, making a Special Agent (Johnson) on a capture mission. For this job, he enlists the help of the second greatest thief on the planet, role of Reynolds. The feature recently broke the Bird Box bar, reaching 290 million viewing hours since its debut in just 19 days. This fact could make him the first to soon hit the 400 million hour mark.

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