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Present in the Brazilian market for almost 35 years, Imovision remains today one of the main promoters of the best of world cinema not only in Brazil, but also in Latin America.

After having released no less than 500 titles only on the national territory, the distributor is gaining notoriety for presenting to the public films which do not escape the general public panorama, emphasizing the diversity of the independent scenario and carrying a beautiful story. behind its ascent. Created by Jean Thomas Bernardini, the Imovision catalog includes a series of prestigious Brazilian and foreign directors, as well as productions presented in the three biggest festivals on the planet – Cannes, Venice and Berlin; as if that weren’t enough, Bernardini, allying himself with a competent team, was tasked with setting up the structures of French cinema here, introducing rare works and opening up space for the celebration of important movements audiovisual, including Dogma 95 (chaired by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg) and Iranian cinema.

Of course, new times are essential for bold and original moves and, following in the footsteps of giants like Netflix, Amazon and Disney +, the company has announced the launch of its own streaming platform, titled Reserva Imovision.

On April 19, CinePOP participated in a press conference with Bernardini and Luis Filippo, during which the duo presented the new chapter in the distributor’s history, giving details on the price, the platform’s catalog and in how it differs from so many other similar products. that exist today.

With a launch scheduled for tomorrow, April 21, audiences can now pre-register to gain access to the initial 250 titles of the virtual service, which contains many works of great importance to cinema, with an emphasis on “ 120 beats per minute ”, “Love”, “Hiroshima, My Love”, “The Separation”, “Gloria”, “Trophy Wife”, “Love, Drugs and New York”, among many others that have dominated the field of festivals in recent years.

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Of course, a platform the size of a caliber wouldn’t leave Oscar nominees and winners on a must-see list, either. “Fires”, directed by Denis Villeneuve; “O Sal da Terra”, documentary on the legendary photographer Sebastião Salgado; “The Kiss of Spider-Woman”, one of Hector Babenco’s masterpieces; and “Timbuktu”, a long Franco-Mauritanian by Abderrahmane Sissako are just a few of the names found in the vast opportunities of the Reserve. In the series, the main highlight is the period series “ Os Luminares ”, presented exclusively by Imovision in Brazil: the plot centers on Golden Globe contestant Eva Green (“ Os Sonhadores ”, “ “ Penny Dreadful ”), which brings mystic Anna Wetherell to life, a dreamy woman who leaves the UK and travels to New York in search of a new beginning.

Viewers will have two options to follow the catalog of the platform: the first is the standard subscription of R $ 24.50 per month or R $ 245.00 per year; however, the distributor is offering a promotional package of R $ 211.68 to subscribers, as part of the first campaign and also valid for 12 months. If you choose not to subscribe, you can rent the titles for an amount of R $ 10.90 and a validity period of 72 hours (the user can watch and re-watch the movie or series as many times as they want). desired. period).

It should be remembered that the grid is quite instinctive and opens with a merry-go-round with the main launches, which will be weekly. Each genre is divided for the convenience of the audience, and before splitting into known genres (drama, suspense, terror, romance, comedy), it presents the user with titles that match their cinematic profile. In addition, the application will be available for iPhone, Apple TV, Android, AndroidTV, Roku, with a capacity of three different screens for the same account.

The user will also have the possibility to download any production from the catalog to watch it at any time, without using the Internet and without compromising the quality of the exhibition.

A strong supporter of cinematic art, Bernardini comments that Reserva Imovision operates as an extension of cinemas, and not as a competitor.

“We are launching the platform as an extension of cinema, not as a competitor. The survival [do cinema] it depends on the films, on the major distributors to deliver the right films at the right time. But the cinema is not the big bad; if everyone followed the rules [de isolamento social], it doesn’t look like bad cinema, ”he comments.

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