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You blinked and the penultimate month of the year arrived. Along with that almost holiday flavor, there’s a lot of good stuff coming to the streams to keep us entertained. Check out the best hitting platforms in November:

‘Corruption Game’ – Prime Video

The spin-off season of the series “El Presidente”, which was the subject of a special screening at the Festival do Rio 2022, arrives on the platform on November 4 with Maria Fernanda Cândido and Eduardo Moscovis in the cast and tackles the corrupt backstage of FIFA.

‘My Policeman’ – Prime Video

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Another film previously screened at the Rio Film Festival (which, by the way, caused a ticket dispute), the drama stars none other than Harry Styles as an art curator who gets involved with a married man.

‘Life as a couple’ – Prime Video

The UK original series will run for six episodes and will star James Corden. In a somewhat dramatic twist, it tells the story of a chef who discovers his wife’s dark secrets.

‘Marriage Haters’ – Prime Video

With Kristen Bell. The comedy tells the story of two brothers who, together with their mother, go to the wedding of their stepsister. During the event, the cultural differences between them will be put to the test.

‘Toda La Sangre’ – Lionsgate+/Starzplay

After changing its name halfway through, the platform brings the end of the first season of ‘Toda La Sangre’, the last episode of which arrives on November 10.

“Dangerous Liaisons” – Lionsgate+

Starring Alice Englert and Lesley Manville, the six-part original series blends betrayal, beauty, terror and seduction in pre-revolution Paris. Premiere November 6.

“Blood and Water” – Netflix

The third season of the South African youth series hits the platform on November 25, promising even more intrigue and mystery among young people.

‘A Christmas Love’ – Netflix

Lindsay Lohan is back! And starring in this romantic Christmas comedy, in which she loses her memory after an accident and is cared for by a charming mystery man.

‘Christmas With You’ – Netflix

Starring none other than Freddie Prinze Jr. It tells the story of a pop star who, on a whim in search of musical inspiration, decides to make a fan’s dream come true.

‘Santa’s Diary’ – Netflix

It tells the story of a writer who returns to the house where he spent his childhood and meets a woman there in search of her biological mother.

‘The Cup is Nuestra’ – Starplus

This comedy-drama series tells the story of the Argentina national team who are suddenly disqualified from the Cup, but a father and son were planning to watch the national team compete and will do anything to make it happen.

‘Beckham, save our time’ – Starplus

Documentary series which shines a light on the small local teams during a championship, going through difficulties, as player David Beckham appears to coach and motivate the children.

“No Limits with Chris Hemsworth” – DisneyPlus

Preparing to play the god Thor has changed actor Chris Hemsworth’s life forever, and in this documentary series, he’s going to push all the limits. Available November 16.

“Disenchanted” – DisneyPlus

The long-awaited sequel starring Amy Addams finally arrives to subscribers on November 18, bringing Giselle back to the conflict between the enchanted world and reality.

‘Transformers: Spark of the Earth’ – ParamountPlus

The bots are back and are now part of the family! The animated series “Transformers: Earth Spark” will air simultaneously on Nickelodeon and Paramount Plus on November 12.

‘Bosé’ – ParamountPlus

The production promises to take a journey through the controversial life of Spanish singer Miguel Bosé, filled with drama, controversy and hot scenes. Premiere November 3.

“Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me” – AppleTV+

Sweetheart of a generation, Selena Gomez has won an exclusive film about her life and career, which arrives on AppleTV+ November 4.

‘Circuit Breakers’ – AppleTV+

Science fiction series in which seven stories are arranged as adventure tales. Premiere November 11.

“In Luna’s World” – HBO Max

The romantic Brazilian series inspired by Carina Rissi’s bestseller hits the platform on November 13. It tells the story of a young journalist whose life becomes a mess after her boyfriend cheats on her with his neighbor.

“Wanted” – HBO Max

Starring Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, the film is an adaptation of writer Carina Rissi’s bestseller and tells the story of Alicia, who has to make a very important decision regarding her love life. Premiere November 25.

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