Discover ALL the titles that will be removed from Netflix TOMORROW



August begins this Sunday and just as a slew of new titles hit Netflix’s lineup, another batch of productions will be removed from the streaming platform.

And on August 1, more than 50 titles bid farewell to the lineup. This is your last chance to watch movies like “V for Vendetta”, “MIB: Men in Black”, as well as “Star Trek: Beyond the Dark”.

And in order not to waste time, we have separated the complete list of movies and series that will be checked out from the Netflix platform.

To verify:

A Chinese Odyssey, Part 2: Cinderella
The legend of the headless knight
Beyond Darkness – Star Trek
Are we done?
love frames
Australian Gold Hunters (8 eps.)
Bleach (109 eps.)
Casino tycoon
Chen Zhen: The Legend of the Steel Fists
How to lose a man in 10 days
Internal conflicts 2
Internal conflicts 3
Double confusion
challenge the giants
Empire of the Tsars (3 eps.)
Once upon a time in mexico
EuroTrip – Passport to confusion
Everyday miracles (2 eps.)
Grand designs (17 eps.)
Hinterland (13 eps.)
Hold man
Wild instinct
Intervention: Season 5
Justice, my foot!
Little Baby Bum: Lullabies – Volume 1
Little Baby Bum: Lullabies: Season 1
little dragon girl
Police Madness 2: The First Mission
love in a puff
crazy world
mean girls 2
MIB men in black
in the balance of love
in the heart of the sea
Nurses who kill (10 eps.)
The guest
The impostor
the young messiah
the king and me
The Secret of Animals
Operation Shadow – Jack Ryan
Parents and daughters
pick up and drop off
Big fish and their wonderful stories
Penn & Teller: Dupe Us (9 eps.)
Peter Pan
Queen Without Marriage (34 eps.)
Abuse network
Royal Academy (26 eps.)
Road Trip: fall on the road
ten years
The Code: Season 1
The truth about alcohol
V for Vendetta
Weeds on fire

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