Did you like ‘Bridgerton’? Then you will love these 5 other amazing period dramas!



“Bridgerton” became a huge hit with Netflix and won over fans around the world. The first season of the series based on Julia Quinn’s novels took us back to the mid-19th century in Victorian London and introduced us to the secrets and scandals of high society.

It is undeniable to say that much of the audience marathoned the production in one, perhaps two days, falling in love with the irreverent and sensual portrayal of the British community and its exuberant and hilarious protagonists – and, therefore, we decided to present five other period dramas. you can marathon and cure your hangover.

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Prior to “Bridgerton,” “Downton Abbey” was the audience’s favorite series, spanning six clean seasons and one feature film. In its first season, the production broke critical reception records, becoming the highest rated show of all time upon release.

Having won 6 Emmy statuettes (including Best Drama Series and Best Screenplay for creator Julian Fellowes), the story centers on the Crawley family and their life as one of the last great families in British high society to maintain the tradition, relying on names like Michelle Dockery, Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville.


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“ The Borgias ” has probably disappeared from your radar, but the series starring the iconic Jeremy Irons deserves more recognition than it has. Considered one of the most expensive productions of the past decade, the series was canceled after just three seasons due to the exorbitant budget, leaving fans utterly enraged at the lack of a concise ending.

Either way, it’s definitely worth watching the work. Set during the time of the Italian Renaissance, the plot centers on the Borgia family and their scandalous rise to the papacy. Its members are controlled by Pope Alexander VI (Irons) and in a realm of blackmail, simony, intimidation and murder, and a ruthless journey to order everything and everyone around him.

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Not many people have ever heard of Anne with an E and all the controversy that followed her untimely cancellation on Netflix. Spanning just three seasons, the production has become an audience favorite for bringing extremely important topics to the discussion, including gender inequality, racism, feminism, child abandonment. and freedom of expression.

Based on the eponymous novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the award-winning production revolves around Anne, an orphan who, after spending thirteen years in the welfare system, was sent to live with a single woman and her brother. Armed with her imagination and her intellect, little Anne will transform the life of her adoptive family and of the city that sheltered her, fighting for her acceptance and her place in the world.

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Starring Emmy nominee Caitriona Balfe alongside Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies, “Outlander” is a great period drama for anyone who wants (literally) to escape the present. The story revolves around the former war nurse Claire who, on a trip to Scotland with her husband, attends a pagan party and, drawn by the mystical atmosphere, is transported to the 17th century.

Spanning five seasons and renewed for another, the production is breathtaking for its spectacular setting and magnificent performances – in addition to shocking twists and turns. The series has already been nominated for several Emmy and Golden Globe categories, including Best Actress and Best Drama Series.

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“Penny Dreadful” follows a pattern we’ve seen in “Once Upon a Time,” for example, but bet your chips on some supernatural gothic drama that shivers us from head to toe. With Eva Green, the story evokes 19th century British horror classics, including rereadings of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, “Dracula”, “Frankenstein” and many more.

Green plays Vanessa Ives, a powerful medium who teams up with a hunter named Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) and an American alien named Ethan (Josh Hartnett) to find the whereabouts of a missing young woman who has been kidnapped by creatures of the night. The series spanned three seasons and resulted in a spin-off called “ City of Angels, ” which was canceled after one cycle.

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