Did you know that “Emily in Paris” is based on a true story?



Executed by French critics for lack of commitment to reality in Emily in Paris, Darren Star revealed that he wrote the series because he dreamed of moving to Paris.

During a masterclass at the 3rd edition of the Cannesérie festival, the designer said that the protagonist’s story is based on American journalist Rebecca Leffler.

She is a writer and journalist who, after a career as a French correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter, has swapped the red carpets of Paris for the green streets of New York, where she hosts events and offers branded entertainment services for them. marks of well-being.

Rebecca leffler

Based on the report published by the newspaper La Dépêche, CinePOP brings the statements of the creator of Barrados no Baile (1990-2000), Sex in the City (1998-2004) and Younger (2015-2020) in relation to the reviews of his perspective on the French and everyday life in the capital of France.

An old dream of Darren Star

In the online broadcast of the masterclass, Darren Star explains that the series “is a way to explore multiculturalism and to connect with the new generation”. Plus, he reveals that the idea for the show has been in his head for a long time – since he’s been thinking about living in France since he made an exchange at the age of 19 in the country. He also considers himself a “Francophile”, meaning he has a great appreciation for French culture and customs.

During the event, the producer recalled that he had lived 11 months in Paris and that he had always imagined what life as an expatriate could look like. “By doing the series, I was able to live this experience and I hope to be able to continue,” he said with hope that there will be a second season. Another big clarification from the meeting was the “remarkable contribution” of expat Rebecca Leffler.

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Creative consultant for the series

In addition to her experience in the City of Light, the showrunner reported that reporter Rebecca Leffler gave her a lot of information to build the character so that the storyline was similar to a real life experience. The show’s creative consultant, Leffler, said she was happy people were secretly finding out about her life story, “even though the protagonist’s life is way more glamorous than mine,” the American journalist dodges.

Currently, Rebecca Leffler writes books on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, however, she worked as an advertiser, just like Emily, early in her life in France. Without translation into Portuguese, its best known title is Green, Glam, Attitude (2017).

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Successes and reviews around the world

Great success on Netflix, after four weeks that she remains in the TOP 10 of several countries, including Brazil and France, Emily in Paris unleashed an avalanche of angry comments on social networks. In the posts, Internet users point to the clichés on Paris and its inhabitants, in addition to the lack of veracity in Emily’s life. Starting with the young American, played by Lily Collins, settling in Paris without speaking a word in French.

According to Darren Star himself, there was an initial fear of shooting scenes with a French crew that showed the cultural differences between the French and the Americans, especially since there was some mockery with the French. However, he claims the shoot worked and there was no problem among the professionals. To conclude the subject, he admits: “I really wanted to shoot in Paris to give it an authentic aspect, but also because I wanted to offer viewers a special experience”.

Do you think anyone can have Emily Cooper’s life for real? Or even with specialist advice, is the show far from representing a young American living the European dream? Leave your comment!

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