Did you change the voice actor for ‘Loki’ in the character series? Understand what happened!



One of the most beloved characters among fans, the anti-hero Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will win his own series on Disney +. Starting June 11, Loki will feature the Adventures of the Cheating God from an alternate timeline working for a timeline agency to correct the rift he created in the multiverse. With the agents of TVA, he will have to work between dimensions to avoid the total collapse of existence.

With the launch of the series trailer, fans had their first contact with the Brazilian dubbing of the production. However, they noticed that the protagonist’s voice was altered, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction on social media. Theories quickly emerged that the new dub might be an exclusive work of the original actor’s accident-motivated trailers. Unfortunately, on Tuesday afternoon (6), voice actor Guilherme Briggs, who gives voice to the character of Owen Wilson in the next series, explained on his social networks the reason for replacing actor and voice actor Reginaldo Primo in the role by Loki.

Actor and voice actor Reginaldo Primo has medical problems and will not be able to voice the series.

In a note published with permission from Reginaldo himself, Briggs explains that the voice actor was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and had to quit his professional activities to undergo medical follow-up and treatment with fish therapy and pharmacotherapy. This disorder leads to physical complications, such as fatigue and difficulty concentrating, and psychological complications, such as difficulty controlling feelings. As a result, Reginaldo is expected to stay away from the voiceover for the next few months to recover. Other famous characters of the voice actor are Deadpool, actor John Cena and Billy Butcher, from The Boys show.

The note explaining the case was also published by voice actor Guilherme Briggs

The name of the new character voice actor has yet to be released. We wish Reginaldo Primo great peace and an effective recovery. Mental health is a very important issue and must be taken seriously. May he recover, be well and be able to enchant us again with his work as soon as possible.

See the note published by Guilherme Briggs:

Loki opens June 11, 2021 at Disney +

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