Did Philippe betray the queen? The Crown sows doubt



Did Prince Philip betray Queen Elizabeth? This question has been repeated for many years and has divided public opinion for decades. No one has ever presented hard evidence that the Duke of Edinburgh was not loyal to the Queen, but the Crown returns to raise those doubts. The Netflix television series, airing from the next few weeks, will not spare the wedding of the century among the royal family.

On the contrary, viewers are already preparing to look forward to episodes in which Prince Philip weaves a relationship with Penny Knatchbull. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, which occurred on September 8, the producers of the television series had weighed the idea of ​​suspending the airing of the new season.

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Eventually, however, The Crown will return to the small screen on November 9, as planned. The choice has already divided public opinion, which did not even like the choice to represent the alleged betrayals of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Crown raises the dust of Prince Philip’s alleged betrayals

The news that the next season of The Crown will show the intimate relationship between Prince Philip and Penny Knatchbull has infuriated public opinion. Former Queen Elizabeth press secretary Dickie Arbiter has come out publicly. The man said: ‘Coming just weeks after the Nation buried Her Majesty next to Prince Philip, it’s very unpleasant and, frankly, cruel garbage.’

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The man, who worked for many years in the service of the Sovereign, said the Duke of Edinburgh was just a friend of the Knatchbull, now known as Countess Mountbatten of Burma. She added, “The truth is, Penny was a longtime friend to the whole family. Netflix doesn’t care about people’s feelings.” Even famed Majesty magazine editor Ingrid Seward commented on this. saying: “It’s in bad taste”.

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In short, the British who are still mourning their recent loss are not happy to see a version of events on the small screen that would harm the image of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth. To this must be added that the alleged flame of the Duke of Edinburgh is still alive and took part in the funerals of the prince and the queen. Sources say she was a family friend and Philip remained close to her when she lost a child to kidney cancer. They met in the 70s and appeared together at various events related to the horse riding world. Both, in fact, shared a passion for chariot racing. Already in the 1980s and 1990s, the tabloids were speculating about their relationship, but both always responded forcefully that they were just friends.

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