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One of the most incredible ways to see Dubai’s desert is on a nighttime safari. If you’re a fan of deserts, a trip at night is a must. The most excellent way to get to know Dubai is on a Desert Safari Dubai. Join us for an evening desert safari and experience the tranquility of the desert away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the evening, when the sands chill under the moonlight, we will take you on a tour of the magnificent Dubai Desert and everything it offers.

We have arranged for a luxurious Land Cruiser to be at your disposal for an evening desert adventure in Dubai. Driving over the sand dunes of the Lahbab desert with a dirty windshield is an adventure. Dubai’s Desert Safari is a thrilling adventure into the desert that lasts for six hours. Activities including camel rides, horseback riding, sand boarding, camel racing, and Tanoura dance are also on the itinerary.

You’ve decided that Dubai would make for a great holiday. If so, your search is over; we provide an abundance of exciting excursions, including desert safaris. We are sure that no other tour company in Dubai can match our dependability of ours. An Adventure in the Desert Dubai is often regarded as the city’s top attraction, and with good cause. For the most significant possible experience of Dubai, Planet Adventure is pleased to provide a range of reasonably priced Desert Safari Dubai packages.

Observations from the Trip, Briefly

Enjoy a memorable evening at Desert Safari Dubai together in Dubai’s Al Khayma Desert Camp. It’s possible to experience life as a Bedouin here. Let’s go back in time! You may obtain it in this city by getting henna tattoos, smoking Shisha, or getting a makeover that gives you an Arabian appearance. The trip’s highlight is seeing the Belly Dancers, who have gained international renown. Please look as their adorable bellies wiggle as they gracefully move their bodies. The tour will also include a BBQ dinner.

An exhilarating, heart-pounding ride across a lengthy stretch of beautiful sand dunes is the highlight of the excursion. Camp like a true Arab Bedouin with some coffee and Shisha in hand and experience the true magic of the desert. Tanoura horses will perform a show, and a belly dance performance will also be available.

In no way should you miss the sun setting over the horizon. All of these things and more can watch on Desert Safari Dubai. An option is to ride the camel. Wearing traditional Arabic garb, have henna painted on your hands, then stroll on the desert dunes. The best way to ensure you never forget a gorgeous sunset is to capture one on camera.

To Experience A Camel Ride In The Desert

After a day of adventuring and merriment, settle down with tea and some dates. This Desert Safari Dubai trip includes henna painting, belly dancing, Tanoura dancing, and fire dance shows. These give you a closer look at the desert’s cultures and ways of life. After eating Arabic BBQ over an open fire in the desert tent, write down some thoughts and impressions in a scrapbook to reflect on when you get home.

Nomads used them to carry their things and keep them safe as they traveled through the deserts of Africa and the Middle East. The camel is the best way to get around in the desert because it is strong and can hold onto water.

It would help if you didn’t try to stop the Desert Safari Dubai camel ride from gently swaying by sitting still the whole time. Instead, it would help if you swayed with it. It’s rough and moves, and every once in a while, a camel will turn around and smile at you. Camels are a lot of fun.

Go to Evening Safari and Enjoy its Offers

  • Getting picked up from your hotel or other specified place is an option.
  • An SUV Land Cruiser is great for cruising sand dunes.
  • Pictures of the Evening Sky
  • It’s no secret that I like design—that much is true for me.
  • Traveling by Camel on a Safari
  • On the beach sandboarding
  • Photographing people in authentic Arab garb
  • A hangout for hookah enthusiasts.
  • Belly dance, fire dancing, and Tanoura performances
  • Arab robes for both sexes to take Photographs.
  • You’re free to guzzle down as much liquid as you want, whether water, tea, coffee, or soda.
  • Vegetarians and other meat-free diners may still enjoy the classic BBQ feast.
  • Also, there’s an excellent spot for some off-roading on those four-wheeled vehicles (Optional, Available Upon Request)
  • Drinks That Cause Intoxication (Optional, Available Upon Request)
  • Commute to your Dubai hotel or residence via cab.
  • The Desert Safari Dubai Dinner

Arguments in favor of joining us on this trip

  • Please look at the numerous benefits of booking your trip with us.
  • A private Desert Safari Dubai excursion is an option.
  • Our desert camp has room for a thousand people.
  • In contrast, certain things are one-of-a-kind.
  • There Is Something Vitally Important You Should Know
  • Some essential information regarding the nighttime desert excursion is available below.
  • There will be a shared transportation component to this excursion.
  • The transfer feature is available for individual or group usage.
  • The airport will not be the gathering point; instead, a residence or hotel will serve as the hub.
  • Transportation to and from locations other than the hotel or apartment building is available for a charge.
  • Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed, and the Marina may also share rides to the Marina.
  • During Ramadan, There would be no drinks served on performance days.
  • When Will You Be Picked Up?
  • Dubai’s Deira district went off at various times and locations between 2:45 and 3:15 p.m., with the first blasts happening 15 to 45 minutes after 2:30.
  • Babies, or kids under the age of three, get in free.
  • There is no concession for children between the ages of 3 and 10.
  • Children above ten are considered adults and charged the appropriate adult rate.

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Plan an Evening Desert Safari

You may have heard that Dubai is a great place to shop, which is true. But if you plan to visit the city, there are other places to see besides the malls that are worth seeing. Please take advantage of our evening desert safari trip to see the beautiful sunset and ride the fun dunes of Dubai’s huge deserts.

At your Desert Safari Dubai tent in the desert, an Arab from the area will greet you with open arms. You’ve come to our great Bedouin camp to learn about the real Arabian culture and be inspired by it. We gave our campers everything they might need to feel at home, like soft sofas, beautiful Arabian rugs, low tables, and Shisha, just like they see in the movies.

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