Denise Pipitone, the final confessions arrive: “I think she is alive”



Denise Pipitone, the final confession arrives: “I think she is alive”. It’s been over 18 years, but she hasn’t given up hope

How long can it be 18 if the person you love doesn’t hear from them anymore? Piera Maggio, mother of Senise Pipitone, who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo on September 1, 2004 without leaving a trace, knows this well.

Denise Pipitone, the final confessions arrive (ANSA)

Piera has told her family’s story several times, but now she has decided to put it all together in a book, “Denise. For you, with all my might” which will be in bookstores from October 11 but can already be ordered on Amazon.And in the living room of Verissimo, he confirmed to Silvia Toffanin his feelings which are always the same.

“For me, Denise is alive. I believe in it a lot. The fear that they have harmed my daughter is there, but I have always said that I will seek her out until proven otherwise. I will stop when there is evidence that she is gone”. The reports have multiplied, they still arrive but for the moment the family and the police have never found a definitive trace.

Denise Pipitone, the final confessions arrive: the whole truth of Piera Maggio

It is not easy to resist the temptation to believe, even if over the years she has learned to recognize truths and lies: “I try to keep my feet on the ground. But each time, it’s excruciating pain for me to meet these little girls. I am always afraid that it will be traumatic for them too and that I will leave them with bad memories”.

but there is also an aktra truth that she had never said, at least not in public.
Piera married very young with Tony Pipitone. The couple could not have children, etc. It turned out that Piera could have it while Tony didn’t. The couple decided to resort to artificial insemination. Kevin is therefore not really Tony’s son and the boy discovered him at the age of 23. “I hid the secret. I was always torn by the risk of traumatizing him even more. I didn’t want to burden him with this truth either. Denise is not actually the daughter of Pipitone, but of current husband Pietro Pulizzi.
“We both made a choice, he came home several times a year and sometimes I alternated to visit him in Tuscany. It had become a facade marriage”.
“I’ve been through some pretty dark times and I’ve adjusted to the loneliness. I had to fight to get the truth out there and to get Denise’s face to turn,” she added when talking about the disappearance of the little girl.
“When I started asking for help, there was no attention today. I still receive reports, not all of them are taken into consideration because there are those who must be ruled out a priori” . Piera Maggio at Verissimo (Instagram)

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