Denise Pipitone is dead, a parade returns to fashion: news are coming



Denise Pipitone is dead, a parade is back in fashion: news is coming. Was Mazara del Vallo’s missing daughter taken to Lombardy?

A series of sidings. This has become over the years all the tracks, real or presumed, beaten by the investigators in search of Denise Pipitone. The only certain fact is that the little girl who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo in 2004 has never been found. And if old clues pop up from time to time.

Denise Pipitone disappeared, a podium returns to fashion (ANSA)

The last was dusted off by Ore 14, the show hosted by Milo Infante on Rai 2, which returned to talk about the so-called “Valtellina trail”. An alleged sighting that was recorded months after Denise’s disappearance even as that lead was quickly dropped.

This time, however, a person spoke to the Rai program who was familiar with Susanna, the Egyptian woman who was living in Valtellina at the time and was sure she had seen the child. One day she phoned him saying she was sure she had seen Denise with a group of Kosovars in Castione. It happened because Signora Susanna occasionally helped a Kosovar girl named Gijlia. And the latter showed him one day the photo of a little girl, named Danas.

Denise Pipitone is deceased, a title returns to fashion: the failed results are not convincing

Could it really be Denise, as the security guard had also suspected, who towards the end of 2004 was convinced he had seen her at Milan’s central station? We don’t know, but in the meantime Susanna at the time had gone to the local police station to report her suspicions even though nothing had happened.

Today Susanna is dead, but over time she never changed her mind. She was convinced that this little girl was the daughter of Piera Maggio, even though the Valtellina ski slope has never been fully trodden. Especially at 18, Gijlia, the Kosovar girl named by the Egyptian woman, has never been heard from and sought out. The video of the little girl seen in Miano and perhaps in Valtellina: was it Denise Pipitone? (MANIPULATE)

Lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta, historical lawyer for Denise’s family, also spoke on the case. “We are actually looking for the girl from Milan. If it really wasn’t Denise, I don’t understand why she didn’t. We can’t trace it, but the checks still had to be done at the time when the report arrived.”

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