Denise Pipitone has disappeared, now it’s war: “He shouldn’t have done that”



Denise Pipitone has disappeared, it’s now war: “He shouldn’t have done that”. A very hard position against Piera Maggio, heavy words

There are names and faces that we have often seen in the 18 years that have passed between the death of Denis Pipitone and our days. People in various ways affected by this drama, including Toni Pipitone who had given his family name to the little girl even if, as we discovered after September 1, 2004, he was not the father.

Denise Pipitone has disappeared, now it’s war (ANSA)

Speaking to ‘Vanity Fair’ last week, Piera Maggio, who at the time was still married to Toni, didn’t use sweet words: “When we broke up, he wasn’t very present. We don’t see him anymore, neither me nor my son. I know that a year ago, after 17 years of silence and absence, he gave interviews without sharing anything with us, but I don’t care what “he does. I believe that ultimately each of us answers for what his actions and his words are”.

In reality, however, Pipitone has now spoken again, with a series of statements to the ANSA agency, and complained about the behavior of his ex-wife who would not let him live anymore. Heavy accusations, starting with what has happened in his private life for a year now: “He disclosed on social networks and elsewhere specific personal data from our lives that have nothing to do with the kidnapping from Denise. He had no right to do so”.

Denise Pipitone has disappeared, now it’s war: Toni Pipitone is not there

What does all this mean concretely? That the world is full of haters and he’s afraid to find himself in the crosshairs even though it’s been a long time since Denise disappeared. But more generally Toni Pipitone complains of having received very heavy attacks from his ex-wife over the past 12 months, words he has also taken up in the book which has just been published by Piemme.

But it’s not just Denise at stake. Because as Piera Maggio revealed, their first (and even only) child, Kevin, was conceived with artificial inseminations but she only confessed to him at 23. . “From that moment, my son’s attitude towards me changed. What was the need to tell him? »,. complains Toni? Piera Maggio and Toni Pipitone at the time of Denise’s death (ANSA)

Then there’s Denise’s pregnancy story. Piera had first confessed to him that it was the result of another insemination, done while her father was in Tuscany to work. Then she discovered the truth “however, Denise is still my daughter. Until the day before the disappearance, we were in bed together and she said to me “Dad, I love you”. She is alive for me and I pray for her every night”. In the meantime, he will sue the people who offended him on social networks, then we’ll see.

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