Denise Pipitone, finally good news: “A moment of immense joy”



Denise Pipitone, finally some good news: “A moment of immense joy”. After so much suffering, the family smiles

It was not easy to continue during all these years, made of presences but also of voids. Those whom the sudden and unjustifiable disappearance of Denise Pipitone left behind in her family, even if they all had to somehow move on.

Denise Pipitone, finally some good news (Facebook)

In the past few hours, however, some good news has finally arrived, a turning point that brings some light into the house. Kevin Pipitone, Denise’s older brother, became with his partner the first parent of little Dayana. And it was Piera Maggio, Denise’s mother, who announced the news on Facebook.

“Welcome to the world little Dayana. God bless you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the messages and comments of affection that we receive at this time of immense joy,” he wrote.

Denise Pipitone, finally good news: Piera Maggio’s fight does not stop

For the occasion, Piera Maggio interrupted her presentation tour of the book ‘Denise, for you with all my strength’, which has just been released and which tells the story from her point of view. Interviewed by ‘Vanity Fair’ a few days ago, she confessed her certainties: “I have a very clear image, I have no doubts about who the culprits are. These are not my allegations, these are assumptions which led a prosecutor to ask for 15 years in prison for a person. Whether this person was then acquitted for lack of evidence is another matter. But the culprits are there”.

Denise’s mother also explained that for a long time she wanted to put all her thoughts on paper, with a very specific purpose: “For me, it’s like bringing attention to Denise, making sure that the research does not stop not. This is another way to ensure that silence does not fall. I would like this book to spread all over the world, I would like it to end up in the hands of a girl who, intrigued, can remember something”. Denise Pipitone and Piera Maggio (ANSA)

Basically also a way to respond to all the slander and accusations that have been leveled against her over the years, even in recent months. In this book there is all her truth and at least everyone can get an idea of ​​what happened to her daughter, because the rest is just speculation.

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