DELICIOUS! Netflix’s first romantic comedy soap surprises and becomes the MOST VIEWED in streaming



We Brazilians love a soap opera. There are generations and generations who have grown up watching and listening to soap operas, whether on the radio or on free television. We like the most dramatic, with characters who suffer to the point of stopping the whole city (or the country) to see what is happening, but we also like – a lot! – one of the most slapstick, with theatrical performances and stories so cliched, but so cliched, that they seem to be the same forever. In this last aspect, the greatest highlights were the classic Mexican soap operas which, between the 1980s and 2000s, delighted Brazilian viewers with strong and vengeful female protagonists. And since we are always big fans of this type of entertainment, it is no wonder that similar productions are enjoying success today, as happened with ‘Até Que o Dinheiro nos Separe’, a Colombian telenovela which, since its debut, has been in Netflix’s Top 10 series.

Alejandra Maldonado (Carmen Villalobos) is an extremely successful businesswoman. Commercial manager of an automobile company, his life is work, work and work, because the more he sells, the more commissions he earns and, as a result, he manages to maintain his luxurious standard of living. That’s why she encourages her team to sell more and more. As she is about to marry Luciano Velenzuela (Gregorio Pernía), Alejandra, who has never had a bad deal, bets all her chips on selling 20 trucks to a company, making a big deal for her company. However, as she is about to sign the engagement contract, she has an accident when she has a car accident with Rafael (Sebastian Martínez), an indebted seller of fake items of dubious origin, who, even forced to deliver drinks to a friend to receive money to pay school fees for her sister, Mileninha (Stephania Duque), leaves everything behind to save Alejandra’s life and get her to the hospital. However, in order not to confess guilt for the accident, Rafael poses as the victim’s husband, and confusion sets in when Luciano, the girl’s real fiancé, shows up at the hospital.

Divided into 85 episodes of about an hour (which would, in practice, make a soap opera of about four and a half months), “Até Que o Dinheiro nos Separe” mixes well-caricatured characters and nuclei to build the clash between rich universes against poor universe, and show what is good in each of them in order to bring the protagonists out of their bubbles. If, on the one hand, Rafael has a touch of Lin-Manuel Miranda in ‘Em Um Bairro em Nova York’ (the sympathetic salesman who is everyone’s friend), quite common in the popular centers of world soap operas, on the other hand, we have Alejandra half Elon Musk, with her eyes on money but, deep down, an innocent fool who believes in love. It’s the chemistry between the two that brings out the best glimpses of Andrés Burgo’s screenplay.

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Although it takes a while to get going, the rom-com novel has its strengths and guarantees a good laugh for those who just want to see something light and entertained after a long day of work or study. A type of program to watch little by little, without the need to binge, which offers entertainment with a shower of clichés, which we have become accustomed to consuming during prime time on TV.

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