Dear bills, this is the alarm: soaring condominium prices



Sting to come in 2023 for condominiums, due to expensive electric and gas bills that could jeopardize payments

As we know, the energy crisis is literally frightening Italian citizens, families and businesses. The risk is that of a further spasmodic rise in the prices of electricity and gas, and therefore of an expensive record bill.

Condominiums at risk of high bills (web source)

If in this latter part of 2022 it looks like energy bills are slowly heading towards a decrease, by the start of the new year a massive sting could occur again.

In particular, those who are really at risk with the increase in electricity bills are condominiums. These are the so-called associations that manage the utilities of an entire building, in which several people and families live.

Condominiums at risk: the appeal of the Association of Condominium Administrators

The reason for this possible crisis of the co-ownership is quickly said. Condominiums from next January will no longer be on the protected market. The cost of electricity for condominiums will inevitably increase from January 2023 if the government does not intervene with an extension or a specific decree.

In practice, a syndicate of co-ownership will be considered in the same way as micro-enterprises. This creates a discrimination between those who live in a building, in an apartment building and those who live in a freestanding house. It’s an inexplicable disparity – as UNC energy manager Marco Vignola acknowledged – the government should correct the game or risk a total crisis. Increases on electricity bills from January 2023 (Instagram photo)

Expensive energy is hitting condominiums heavily, especially renter families who pay the cost of condo monthly and have seen the running cost rise to nearly double. The management of a condominium between 2021 and 2022 provided for an annual cost of around 20,000 euros, while between 2022-2023 the management cost almost doubled, around 39,000 euros.

Francesco Burrelli, president of the Association of Condominium Administrators, spoke of “A very serious situation, if only some of the condominiums in a building did not pay the utilities, all the others would lose”.

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