Dear bills, pay attention to the water heater: how much it consumes



The theme that marked last year was certainly expensive bills. Today we will see how much the water heater costs: how to save.

To save money and avoid the arrival of a very high bill at the end of the month, it is known that the use of the water heater must be reduced. In fact, it would consume a lot: all the data concerning him.

All consumption of the instrument used (Via WebSource)

In a house, there are two alternatives for providing hot water: either installing a boiler or installing a water heater. This second solution is often used by those who do not have radiators in the house but only have to heat the water. The same goes for the water heater, for which there are two solutions. Conventional gas water heaters are now almost outdated and replaced by more modern electric ones or better with a heat pump.

To date, this instrument represents a valid solution for providing hot water quickly and efficiently, but they are often considered very expensive in terms of energy consumption. With the expensive bills therefore, the water heater could be one of the reasons for the sting at the end of the month, with the tax which continues to increase. So, let’s find out how much this tool consumes and how to save.

Dear Bills, the water heater consumes too much: how to save

One of the electricity and gas bills (via Ansa photo)

Let’s start by saying that there are two types of water heaters, the electric one and the heat pump one. By analyzing the electrical we will understand that these exist with boilers or are instantaneous. In any case, consumption is around 1,400-1,800 kWh per year, taking into account a storage model with an 80-litre boiler. for a family of 4 to 6 people. Whereas if we use the heat pump, the annual consumption for normal use is around 620 kWh.

In view of these data we can understand that the heat pump solution is the best choice from the point of view of electricity consumption, there are some tips to follow to pay less. During the purchase phase, citizens must buy all products of energy class A or higher to aim for savings. It is also important to choose the right device according to the size of the building. Also remember that it should be turned off when it is not needed to be used. Finally, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance and properly regulate the temperature of the water, around 40°C in summer and 60°C in winter.

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