DC fans are bothered by the plot of “Wonder Woman 1984” and the reason is BIZARRO!



“Wonder Woman 1984” is doing well at the global box office. However, a recent publication from the Comic Book Resources website did another analysis on the feature film, highlighting the narrative as one of the most bizarre in the entire DC Extended Universe.

According to the report, when Diana (Gal Gadot) wishes the return of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who died in the previous film, the boy’s soul has a guy at a party. Only the heroine can see him and, moved by surprise, she kisses him, hugs him and “very implicitly suggests that she wants to sleep with the body of this stranger without his consent.” Does that make Wonder Woman a rapist? While the fantastic nature of this setting creates ambiguity about how viewers may choose to treat or describe [a cena], it is undeniably awful and the film does not seem to notice it ”.

While it may sound silly, the issue of “sex without consent” has been taken seriously by several media outlets in the United States, and the story has even been reproduced in Forbes magazine.

Is that you? What did you think of this controversy?

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As an archaeologist, Diana, who works at the Smithsonian Museum, is a Wonder Woman with extraordinary superpowers and perhaps the strongest heroine in the world. In 1984, Wonder Woman faces frightening mortal danger in the face of a huge conspiracy from businessman Max, who sings loudly to satisfy people’s desires, and a mysterious enemy, the Leopard Woman. Will Wonder Woman be able to stop the collapse of the world on her own?

The cast also includes Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal.

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