‘Dark Stories’: Demon Awakens in new anthology horror music video; To look at!



The anthology horror ‘Dark Stories’ has a new music video.

Find out, with the full trailer:

Horror will officially be released on VOD on August 10.

François Descraques and Guillaume Lubrano are in charge of it.

What if demons, living dead, evil puppets and other supernatural creatures came to haunt our apartments, houses, cafes, museums and other places of daily life? How would you get by? What would you do to stay alive? This anthology brings together five tales where horror, suspense and humor mingle with absolute reality to make you tremble with fear. A lonely mother is attacked by a creepy bloodthirsty doll … and, to prevent her from killing her sleeping child, she must use all her imagination to distract her with horror stories.

The cast includes Kristanna Loken (“The Terminator 3 – The Rebellion of the Machines”), Michelle Ryan (“Cockneys vs. Zombies”) and Dominique Pinon (“Alien: The Resurrection”).

Enjoy watching:

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