Dancing with the stars, another beating for Milly: her ex ends up in the hospital



Dancing with the stars, the famous Rai program hosted by Milly Carlucci, is going through a particularly unfortunate period. Tragic news has upset Milly, the name of the ex who ends up in the hospital will leave you speechless.

Yet another beating received for Milly Carlucci, an agony to have learned this news, not only for her but for the entire cast of Dancing with the stars. An old well-known face finds himself hospitalized, his condition is tragic.

Milly Carlucci Solocine.it

The news of her hospitalization really saddened everyone, not only Milly but also the entire cast of Dancing with the Stars, who sent her messages of good wishes for a speedy recovery. His condition worries doctors and former colleagues.

New entry to the cast of Dancing with the Stars

With each release, a new entry takes its place in the cast of Dancing with the Stars. The name of the new competitor was confirmed a few hours ago, it will be Wanda Nara, former Lady Icardi to try out the rhythm of the dance in the next appointment of the show led by Milly Carlucci. Wanda will therefore be a dancer for one evening, where she will leave the whole audience speechless with her sensual and choreographic dance. We will have to wait until Saturday November 5 to see it in all its grace and splendor. Despite Icardi’s farewell, Nara returns to the sides of the singer LGante, surprised several times in intimate attitudes.

Three ischemias for a young dad

Former Dancing with the Stars contestant Luca Sguazzini, recently dad, suffered from three ischaemias on November 1, 2022. He is currently out of danger, but Luca will have to undergo several checks before he can resume a normal life. Luca Sguazzini is a model and photomodel born in Turin in 1988. He has traveled the world far and wide, going from Australia to Jordan and Indonesia. In 2016, she agreed to participate in the Milly Carlucci program with dance teacher Veera Kinnunen. Although this edition was won by Iago Garcia and Samanta Togni, Sguazzini is still remembered with great affection by the entire cast.

Luca Sguazzini and Veera Kinnunen Solocine.it

Luca Sguazzini has received many messages of comfort, including from his wife Sara Bertagnolli, who hopes to see him back home soon with their baby girl, whom she had a few months ago. The entire production of Dancing with the Stars gathered around its former competitor with a press release posted on their official page:

“Unfortunately, Luca Sguazzini recently had three episodes of cerebral ischemia. Fortunately he is alive, but he will have to undergo new checks and investigations this Wednesday to understand the causes”.

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