Dancing with the stars, an incredible gift to the public: Milly Carlucci unleashed



Dancing with the stars, an incredible gift to the public: Milly Carlucci unleashed. The show’s fourth episode doubles up in a special way

TV audience figures show that the new edition of Dancing with the stars is also popular with the public, despite fierce and qualified competition from Tu si que vales on Saturday evening. And also for this reason, Rai has decided to make a special gift to all the fans of the show hosted by Milly Carlucci.

Dancing with the stars, an incredible gift to the public (ANSA)

In fact, one of the most iconic moments is about to return, which for the past few seasons had been scrapped for pandemic-related reasons and beyond. As the specialized site BubinoBlog had anticipated, in fact, already this week and for four episodes in a row, in addition to the evening race, there will be another in the afternoon.

Also on Saturday, but from 2 p.m., Ballando on the Road will return, the talent born from the tour that the program has been doing in Italy in recent years. A dance competition between ordinary people and non-professional dancers who can perform and compete against each other. The best will then have the opportunity to perform live during Dancing with the Stars, thus gaining a great showcase.

Dance with the stars, an incredible gift to the public: what will happen in the fourth episode?

What can we expect from the fourth episode of Dancing with the Stars, scheduled for Saturday November 5 in prime time on Rai 1? A first surprise has already been revealed, because as a ‘one night dancer’ will arrive Wanda Nara who for one evening will forget her marital problems with Mauro Icardi.

The rest, on the other hand, is a big unknown, linked to the numerous injuries that have struck the protagonists of the show in this year’s edition. We know that Gabriel Garko will most likely have to undergo tendon surgery and therefore it is impossible that he can continue and in the meantime we are awaiting news from Luisella Costamagna but also from Iva Zanicchi. Enrico Montesano and Alessandra Tripoli won the last episode (ANSA)

Precisely for this reason at the end of the third episode of Ballando, won by Enrico Montesano with Alessandra Tripoli, Milly Carlucci had decided not to eliminate any couple. However, three couples will start with a bonus of ten points: they are Rosanna Banfi and Simone Casula, Gabriel Garko and Giada Lini, Ema Stokholma and Angelo Madonia.

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