Dance with the stars, the news is official: it will happen next Saturday



Big news in the next episode of Dancing with the Stars, decided by Milly Carlucci herself: she really wanted it!

The first episodes of Dancing with the stars were a great success with the public. As much for the curiosity of seeing the exceptional dancers at work on Rai Uno, as for the disputes and polemics that often arise between the participants and the jury.

Milly Carlucci in Dancing with the Stars (web source)

In the meantime, like every week, Milly Carlucci studies novelties and unexpected twists to make Dancing with the Stars ever more captivating and original, also trying to win the Saturday night action duel with Tu si que vales.

One of Carlucci’s best strategies is to invite exceptional guests to dance on the Ballando stage. The one-night dancers were made official a short time ago and will be present next Saturday, in the episodes of October 29.

Nino Frassica and more: the 4 one-night dancers who will host Dance with the Stars

As announced by TVBlog, according to official notes and indiscretions, Dancing with the stars next Saturday will welcome 4 exceptional dancers, who will perform not in competition but only to entertain viewers.

The first name will be that of Nino Frassica, a real regular on the television set. The Sicilian comedian, who has spoken to Dancing with the Stars in the past, will amuse and make everyone laugh with his usual outlandish irony. Nino Frassica (Facebook photo)

A traveling companion will accompany Frassica during the Sunday evenings of Che tempo che fa. It is the actor Maurizio Ferrini, who will perform on the dance floor in the role of Mrs. Coriandoli, his workhorse for many years.

And it does not stop there. A dear friend of Rai Uno was among the guests of the evening on Saturday October 29. The presenter Paola Perego, who will perform on the dance floor. The host of Citofonare Rai2 was strongly desired by Milly Carlucci, given the mutual esteem between the two women of Italian television.

Finally a champion. This is the very young Sofia Raffaeli, athlete of the Italian national rhythmic gymnastics, recently world champion in various disciplines. In short, a Saturday full of charm, pleasure and novelties for Ballando.

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