Dance with the stars, furious quarrel between the participants: is the couple separated?



A rather incredible indiscretion arrives concerning Dancing with the stars 2022: a quarrel which could divide the two participants

The current edition of Dancing with the stars continues to amaze and make people talk about it. In fact, in the early episodes of Rai Uno’s Saturday night talent show, many controversial and discussed episodes poured in.

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Milly Carlucci’s show had to face, as often in the past, public and live disputes between the VIPs participating in the dance competition and the jury, often very critical and harsh towards them.

Already known are the verbal duels between Giampiero Mughini and Guillermo Mariotto, guilty of having given a 0 in the bulletin to the performance of the well-known journalist. Or the diatribe fortunately ended in tarallucci and wine between Selvaggia Lucarelli and Iva Zanicchi.

But now, we would even talk about a couple of Dancing with the stars, or one of the VIPs participating in the show and their partner / direct coach. A feud between the two born after the Saturday, October 29 episode.

Pasquale La Rocca furious with Luisella Costamagna: sensational quarrel in the Ballando couple

The main protagonist of this strange event, of which TvBlog writes, is Pasquale La Rocca, one of the professional dancers of Dancing with the stars 2022. The young artist was entrusted to the journalist Luisella Costamagna, historical face of the in-depth programs Rai . Luisella Costamagna and Pasquale La Rocca (Rai screen)

It seems that after last Saturday’s episode, Pasquale La Rocca went wild. Blame it on Costamagna’s last-minute decision to perform in the dance, despite the journalist previously injuring her leg.

Initially, the couple were determined to retire, to prevent Luisella Costamagna from suffering more serious joint injuries, but live, also under the advice of Carolyn Smith, the journalist decided to dance.

A choice that did not please La Rocca, who probably felt bypassed and ignored by both the jury and her partner. Dancing with the Stars insiders claim how the professional dancer exploded at the end of the episode, so much so that he had to be appeased by production.

An outburst that could also mean the end of the relationship between La Rocca and Costamagna, also considering the participant’s in fact not light injury. We will know more in the next episode on Saturday, November 5.

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