Damiano David reveals the success of Maneskin: all “fault” of his malformation



Damiano David, frontman of Maneskin, reveals a little detail that not everyone knew: it’s part of their success

A sex symbol, one of the best current voices in Italy who with his group carries the colors of the flag high in Europe and in the world: what is the key to success? The context of his malformation.

(@Jeff Kravitz / ANSA)

The success of the Maneskins is undeniable. After the victory of X Factor, their path was only downhill because the public immediately realized their perfect harmony which rewards them and this can be seen in the successes remedied in the last two years. Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas have found the balance on which to move forward together to carry their name even higher, as if what had been done so far was little.

What is the key to the success of a band as young as theirs? In addition to the professionalism and competence of the group, the leader gives his obvious vocal support which is quite natural, despite the malformation. Damiano David, in fact, on RTL 102.5 revealed that he had a trivial health problem: “I have a malformation of the vocal cords with a hole in the middle which lets air through”. That’s what makes his voice so signature it’s unique.

Maneskin, first tour in Italian stadiums: the success continues

A file photo of the Maneskins, when they were competitors at X Factor (source: Instagram).

After a good round of concerts, the Maneskins stop in two big Italian cities: Rome and Milan, but in their respective big stadiums. The Olimpico and the San Siro will welcome the young group on July 20 and 24 respectively with tickets going on sale from tomorrow, Tuesday October 18, from 11:00 a.m. on all accredited circuits such as TicketOne, Ticket Master. Can the band overcome the queue created by Coldplay sending entire systems into a tailspin? It is not so difficult to think that the group may have to double the stadiums to allow the many aficionados to attend the events.

That of the Italian stadiums adds to the series of satisfactions and great successes that the young group has snatched since the victory of X Factor.

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