“Cursed Ritual”: “As In Hell” -style Horror Wins Trailer; Watch!



Russian horror “Cursed Ritual” won a captioned trailer.


Aleksandra Radushinskaya is responsible for the management.

Atakan is a bloodstained stone, a gigantic boulder of granite, on which pagans have sacrificed humans for centuries. A group of history students, led by a young professor, descend into the catacombs of St. Petersburg to find the legendary stone. With each step, the situation gets out of hand. Only death awaits them as Atakan longs for fresh blood. Who will survive?

The cast includes Ksenia Plyusnina, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Polina Strogaya, Vladislav Altayskiy, Dennis Lukichev, Anna Serpeneva, Maksim Popov and Gleb Sergeev.

Make sure you watch:

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