“Curb Your Enthusiasm” is RENEWED for Season 12



HBO has officially renewed the critically acclaimed comedy “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for a 12th season.

Playing Larry David has been the greatest honor of my life,” said the series creator and protagonist, who plays a fictionalized version of himself. “As I researched this talented man, I realized he was so much more than I could have imagined: he speaks six languages, salts his own pickles, and leads a national movement to install a bidet in every home. “I’ve also heard from multiple sources that he’s a generous lover. I can’t wait to be that force of nature again. I just hope I can do him justice.”

Unfortunately, the next cycle does not yet have a release date.

PS He’s not apologizing for anything. #CurbYourhusiasm has been renewedEnt for season 12. pic.twitter.com/98kdgLDc

— HBO (@HBO) August 23, 2022

The series was created by Larry David, who also stars in the production.

Have fun watching:

In “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, David plays a fictionalized version of himself living through all sorts of embarrassing situations, mostly caused by himself. He has everything he could want: a woman he loves, good friends, a successful career, a nice house… what could go wrong with Larry David? The series creator presents a hilarious, disconcerting and self-deprecating take on life itself.

Also starring in the production are Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines and Susie Essman.

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