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Netflix barely gets its original movies. With that in mind, CinePOP has decided to list the worst original movies produced by Netflix for you. And to make everything more democratic, as always, the investigation was based on the opinions of critics.

Before we start the list, it’s worth mentioning that not all Greeks and Trojans rejected movies made it onto the list, so here are some honorable (or disreputable) hard-to-defend movie mentions: The Cloverfield Paradox (2018), Zeroing the Life (2016), True Story of a Fake Killer (2016), Field of Fear (2019), Total Loss (2018), The Silence (2019) and Father of the Year (2018) .

Without further ado, come see.

11 | Sandy Wexler (2017)

Not to say that we are unfair and persecute Adam Sandler (who this year could be nominated for an Oscar for Uncut Gems), it should be emphasized once again that this list was based on general public opinion. Interestingly, the most criticized film in Sandler’s partnership with Netflix was Zeroing the Life, a production that didn’t make the list. In this feature film, the actor plays a talent agent, always looking for the best for his clients and looking for new stars. The film is created as a mock documentary, with testimonials from real personalities about the fictional character – and for that, Sandler uses his influence, making several major appearances.

10 | Here are the parents (2018)

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Unlike Sandy Wexler, who has a dramatic twist, this feature relies more on smug humor, hence the possible reason for fan rejection. In the plot, Sandler and fellow comedian Chris Rock are the parents of newlyweds about to get married (the first, the father of the bride, the second, the groom). With different personalities and social classes, the two will need to get along and make their offspring’s special day work.

09 | The Titan (2018)

After two films in the Clash of the Titans franchise (2010 and 2012), actor Sam Worthington returned to star in another feature film with the word in the title. This one, however, of a very different genre and storyline. An underrated production, it is even unfair to put the feature on the list – well, at least in my opinion, since the film was treated really well by the general public. Sci-fi, The Titan blends elements of genre classics (like Cronenberg’s The Fly) to tell the story of astronauts preparing to explore space, and for that, needing to modify their DNA. The cast also includes two beautiful and talented actresses, the silver house Taylor Schilling and Nathalie Emmanuel.

Netflix review | The Titan – Science Fiction with Taylor Schilling, muse of the house

08 | The Ridiculous Six (2015)

The first Sandler / Netflix movie, The Ridiculous 6 was released the same year Quentin Tarantino presented his Os 8 Odiados. If it was a coincidence or a healthy joke with the filmmaker, don’t ask me. Here, Sandler also stars in a western, but in the plot he features very unlikely characters discovering each other as brothers and needing to come together for a greater good. Comedy has its moments.

07 | IO – The Last On Earth (2019)

Released this year, this science fiction with the young Margaret Qualley, seen recently in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino. Fiction is a genre that Netflix likes to bet on but doesn’t always succeed. Here, Qualley sees a scientist fighting to save Earth from extinction, in a reality of an apocalyptic future. In this devastated new world, she ends up meeting another survivor, played by Anthony Mackie (Marvel’s Falcon), who, unlike her, wishes to leave the planet on the next plane.

06 | Rattlesnake (2019)

One of the more recent productions on the list, this film mixes elements of horror, drama and mystery. The bad thing about a lot of Netflix productions is that they want to clutter their scripts with a thousand twists and turns – like The Perfection, for example. Many movies start out a certain way, tackling a subject, only to drop it later, turning into something entirely different, often throwing a bucket of cold water at the viewer. This is the case with this film starring the talented Carmen Ejogo, which begins as a desperate survival thriller, when the actress must save her daughter from a snakebite, and evolves into something like Drag me to Hell. .

Criticism | Cascavel – Netflix Suspense Just Has No Story

05 | The Last Chapter (2016)

Haunted house movies can be spooky or boring, depending on their production. And here, according to the general public, this supernatural thriller falls under the second point. In the plot, Ruth Wilson plays a nurse hired to care for a famous lonely horror author. There, the protagonist begins to realize that the legend of the Old Cursed Mansion may be more real than she imagines.

04 | Death notices (2017)

Another film that won over the general public. One of the biggest gripes here is that this artwork has distorted the idea of ​​its original material. Well, interpretations of a story are always more interesting than just copying what has already been done. Here we have good performances from LaKeith Stanfield as L, and especially the great Willem Dafoe as demon Ryuk. And again in the cast, young Margaret Qualley, in the role of the object of affection of young Light (Nat Wolff), a boy who, like Aladdin, discovers a “genius” who makes his wishes come true – but instead of ‘a light bulb, we have a book.

Criticism | Death Note – Japanese cartoon adaptation sets the tone

03 | Six Times the Confusion (2019)

Comedian Marlon Wayans decides to play Eddie Murphy in his second collaboration with Netflix. In this comedy, he plays a guy who finds out he has five twin brothers. And go on a journey to find them and get to know them. Of course, that’s just an excuse for Wayans to play them all and try to laugh at the situation. So, he can live with an overweight brother, an inmate, a thug, a snob and a terminally ill person, all stereotypical and exaggerated as Wayans likes him.

02 | The Last Days of American Crime (2020)

Last Days Of American Crime – Edgar Ramírez – Photo credit: Netflix / Marcos Cruz

What to expect from a movie called “The Last Days of American Crime” – which in Portuguese would be “The Last Days of American Crime”? The title alone demonstrates all the pretension of this production, whether by calling themselves “American” (when Americans were all born in the Americas, and not just those born in the United States), or by the so-called illusion to propose an end to crime. in this country, although in fiction. And still put 2:30 to tell.

It’s such a hassle in this film that it’s hard to choose the main one. “The Last Days of American Crime” is one of those movies that, already in the first scene, sets the tone for what’s to come – and it comes down from there. Pretentious, cheesy, and gratuitously violent, it’s a big production, with explosives and crashing cars, but not worth the viewer’s time.

Criticism | The Last Days of American Crime – Netflix Action Movie Is Cordial, Violent, and Embarrassing

01 | This house for sale (2018)

And the big winner (or “loser”) couldn’t be another. Poor Dylan Minnette, who had to star in the film which is billed as Netflix’s worst original production to date. Since its release, this thriller about a boy and his mother moving into a mysterious house has been castigated by critics and audiences with no mercy or mercy. A nothing-happening horror / thriller, and with an unsatisfying twist, there aren’t many arguments that can defend this feature from occupying the # 1 position of Worst Original Movies on Netflix.

Criticism | This House For Sale – Netflix Thriller is SCARY

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