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Dealing with quarantine is not easy for anyone. During this period, art proves to be essential for the human being, for us to maintain the balance of mental health, managing to be distracted and to escape a little from the terrible reality that we are confronted with. And there were people who, despite everything that is going on in our lives, have managed to surpass themselves and create new film productions, like the young children’s novel ‘The Invisible Girl’, launch of the week on Netflix.

Ariana (Sophia Valverde) is on vacation after a tough year at school. Super studious, she dies in love with Klaleb (Guilherme Brumatti, who is Will’s face from ‘Stranger Things’), who is dating Diana (Mharessa Fernanda), an influential YouTuber full of followers. One day, Ariana inadvertently posts a video in which she declares all her love for Klaleb, which ends up disappointing her best friend, Teo (Matheus Ueta), and giving the hunk from school a good idea: he makes a bet with his best friend, Edu (Kaik Pereira), to date with Ariana just to get through the year, and asks her out. Deceived, the young girl has no idea that she is being manipulated by the great love of her life, but she embarks on this adventure with an open heart.

The plot of ‘The Invisible Girl’ is very silly, even innocent, as it creates a protagonist who, at the age of fifteen, has never kissed in her life and is afraid to talk to the boy she like it, even if it has all the technology in its favor. Plus, the script written by Bravo C. Jos creates overly naive characters, like Teo, the nerdy best friend who, at fifteen, talks to a doll in a low, spooky version of ‘Chuck,’ or the protagonist, Ariana. , which does not. he just doesn’t understand the signs his so-called best friend is giving, but he just doesn’t act consistently with his age. In reality, it’s as if “The Invisible Girl” is set in the tween thematic universe, but with characters who think and behave like they’re nine years old.

This build may be useful, as the cast comes from successful soap operas among a younger crowd, such as “Chiquititas”, “Complices of a Rescue” and “Carousel”. The cast has grown, but the target audience is still childish, so Mauricio Eça’s film, while talking about tramoias to defeat the crush, also inserts elements of silliness that appeals to childish audiences, such as fart jokes, cartoon cockroaches and teachers.

On the other hand, it is very interesting to observe the solutions that the production found to be able to record a film during the pandemic, while maintaining as much as possible the social distance between the actors, with each one at home and by speaking through video calls. . For creativity, congratulations are in order.

Fired up by the success of SBT’s children’s novels recently arriving on Netflix, “ A Garota Invisível ” makes its most-watched debut on the platform, proving that the strength of fandom matters – and a lot – to the success of the Brazilian youth productions.

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