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Criticism | Spider-Man: No Return Home is the ULTIMATE Webhead Movie



Please note, dear reader, this review contains no spoilers. Can read without weight on the conscience.

But stay tuned! We’ll be posting the review with spoilers this weekend.

One of the most anticipated films of 2021, possibly the last 30 years, Spider-Man: No Return Home is one of Sony’s biggest recent hits. When it was first announced, there weren’t such high expectations given the mixed reviews for Spider-Man: Away from Home (2019), but the work Jon Watts and Tom Holland have done in this third installment of the The trilogy is so closely related that it will do so even though he hated Peter Holland leaving theaters loving the character.

That’s because the film is an epic maturing adventure for its protagonist, who takes a hit in adulthood when his secret identity is revealed to the world. Desperate and seeing how his actions have ruined the lives of everyone he loved, Peter adopts a distinctly juvenile and immature attitude: he runs to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to see if the wizard could fix his blunders. But Order turns out to be worse than Order, and the Stranger ends up invoking a spell that shakes the multiverse and causes everyone who knows Peter Parker to come to this reality. In this way, franchise villains Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi, and Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb begin to emerge in this timeline, completely lost and mad to finish Spider-Man.

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And while all of these guys are there to make the boy’s and wizard’s life hell, it’s Peter Parker’s personal journey that stands out in the storyline. Over the past five years when the hero made his MCU debut, several fans complained that this Parker was too irresponsible and didn’t take much on the personality of the comic book hero, who is playful but still available to help.

So this time the creative team is almost preparing an unofficial reboot of the hero, who will have to learn the responsibilities that his powers carry. He will understand at his expense that the easy way is not always the solution and that adulthood does not have “Mister Stark” to right his mistakes. Thus, the boy will go through everything he hasn’t gone through in the previous films, as he will have to face no less than five villains at once, while trying to keep them from suffering with their destinies already seen in their respective franchises. .

So, the boy will have to become a man (spider) if he is to keep his friends and relatives alive from the interdimensional threats that will torment him. And whether or not there are other Spider-Men, the thrill of the movie is precisely that Tom Holland’s Peter understands that life isn’t the glamor of the Avengers, traveling to Europe, or hanging out with their heroes. When it’s life time to strike, it will strike no matter who you are or what you do.

And before we start talking about the bad guys, it’s worth making an interesting observation. The movie takes a small scene to explain why Doctor Strange didn’t appear in WandaVision, which even has spells reused here.

Speaking of villains, what a gift to be able to see the brilliant Willem Dafoe bring the mad Green Goblin to life again. The character was already fantastic in the Sam Raimi trilogy, but now with more scenes without a helmet, we can see all of Dafoe’s brilliant work with the villain. He uses his facial expressions to bring out a deliciously poignant madness that makes him a high-end sidekick. It’s as if Marvel has found its Joker and given the actor complete freedom to do whatever he wants with it. And he does. Likewise, accompanying Alfred Molina once again as Doctor Octopus directly touches the nostalgia to see him in the role that immortalized him for my generation.

Which is also getting a facelift, closer to comics, but less wacky, it’s Jamie Foxx’s Electro. He gets a new take on his character, which is much more interesting and menacing than in the previous franchise. And yes, it happens with dubstep in the background. Everything is not perfect.

Kidding aside, there’s nothing wrong with the bad guys here, except maybe for Sandman, whose motivation is “I don’t trust anyone.” But even that manages to be acceptable ahead of the grand finale, in which the five unite to defeat the hero, who was battling an evildoer and will now have to face off against five superpowers at once.

Speaking of combat, the hero’s blows and the villain’s abilities are explored with great enthusiasm in choreographies that express the maximum of their respective powers. Spider-Man moves with his webs and uses them to apply combined movements, like the famous video game “combos”. Likewise, the bad guys band together for coordinated attacks that are possible thanks to the flawless CGI advance. If in the previous films Webhead’s uniform looked like computer graphics pajamas, the different versions he wears throughout the film (yes, he wears three or four different outfits) are perfect.

With this reboot approach, Peter Parker’s third solo film in the Marvel Cinematographic Universe saga points to the path the hero will follow from now on, as a new trilogy has already been commissioned by Sony and will likely accompany the boy in his early years as a child. adult. life, culminating in dreamed leadership of the Avengers alongside Captain America (Anthony Mackie). And if the distance from comics was once a recurring criticism, everything indicates that the hero will now have much more his comic book roots by following him on the big screen.

It is the lifelong work of Jon Watts, who overcame his limitations shown in previous projects to “just” bring the definitive Spider-Man movie. The performance of Tom Holland is also revealing, because it is clear that he gave everything so that this film can be this masterpiece of films with heroes. And achieved its goal.

Rating: 10.0

Note: the film features TWO post-credits scenes that will be very popular and will provide clues not only to the hero’s future, but the MCU as well.

Spider-Man: No Return Home premieres on December 16, 2021.

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