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Milla Jovovich has already become synonymous with a mind-blowing action flick. After starring in ‘Back to the Blue Lagoon’, she directed all six films in the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise, as well as ‘Joana D’Arc’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’ – all action and adventure with a lot of scenes. fight. Therefore, it was not surprising that anyone saw her as the protagonist of “Monster Hunter”, a film which debuted in Brazilian theaters today.

Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her group of soldiers take a tour through a desert in search of the missing Bravo 1 Team. When they arrive at the place of the last contact, the group is sucked into a kind of sandstorm with lightning, which transports them to another reality. Without knowing where they are, the soldiers resume the tour, only to find that the place where they are not only is not planet Earth, but contains huge super aggressive monsters that are life threatening. The mission of these soldiers now is to survive, no matter what the cost.

As you can see, “Monster Hunter” doesn’t have a lot of history. And you don’t even need it, after all, the Sony Pictures feature is based on the hit game created by Kaname Fujioka. And if there’s no story, we make up for it with a lot of special effects – and that has a lot to do with the movie. The art direction, special effects and visual effects departments have had the most work, certainly, because apart from the sand and the actors on stage, everything else is computer graphics.

The perfectionism of the details, the sound quality and the incredible ability to craft the monsters in such a believable way, very similar to the dragons of “Game of Thrones”, are to be noted.

Who really shines in all of this is Milla Jovovich, who breaks everything on the stage, hits hard and isn’t afraid of getting hurt. She is so indestructible that she leaves “Rambo” on the slipper. All of the action scenes are performed by Milla and she proves that all the years of training she has spent improving her fighting skills have paid off. With Hunter (Tony Jaa), the fights turn into a beautiful, synchronized dance on the big screen, saved worldwide by actor Jackie Chan. The film also features Ron Perlman as the very “ Pirates of the Caribbean ” captain and the Brazilian Nanda Costa, who appears in three scenes and has two lines. Although shy on the stage, it is a pleasure to see an actress of the skill of the actress take on new flights.

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Written and directed by Paul WS Anderson, the film doesn’t even make much sense and ends in an open-ended fashion, paving the way for the start of a new franchise. But fans of the game will find everything they expect: lots of action, huge monsters wanting to destroy everything, some very cliché lines typical of American films and lots of banging. “Monster Hunter” is a fun blockbuster to watch on the big screen.

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