Criticism | Love in Little Italy – Romantic comedy starring Emma Roberts on Netflix is ​​a good choice to start the year



The first day of 2021 bears the responsibility of being the first day of a year full of hopes and expectations, which we all want to be much better than what happened. And, to start 2021 in a good mood, a good tip is to watch the launch of ‘Love in Little Italy’, a delicious romantic comedy on Netflix.

Nikki Angioli (Emma Roberts) and Leo Campo (Hayden Christensen) are best friends as they get along, after all their families are very close as their parents, Carlo Campo (Danny Aiello) and Sal Angioli (Adam Ferrara), have a pizzeria together in Little Italy, an Italian neighborhood in Canada. Everything was going well until Carlo and Sal won a traditional contest in the neighborhood and, with that, an endless struggle between the families began. Because of this, Nikki decides to go to London, to become a famous chef, and on the eve of finding her dream job, Nikki is forced to return to her hometown and face the past left behind, including his passion. solved by Leo. And during this week that Nikki spends with the family, many feelings that have been ignored for so long will surface.

The story that Vinay Virmani elaborates is totally predictable, as you can see from the synopsis for the feature film. And, in fact, that’s great, because “Love in Little Italy” delivers the exact measure of romance, comedy, and cliché – and even exaggerating, even exaggerating is right in that regard. Steve Gallucio and Viany Virmani’s script is built through the storytelling of protagonists Nikki and Leo at some point in the future, as if they are analyzing their past, and that already gives the big spoiler of the film, but still, d okay, because “Amor em Little Italy” has a good pace of evolution which, even providing exactly everything the viewer wants, fills the general arc of the plot without major deviations.

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However, a more critical look at this romantic comedy may raise points where Donald Petrie’s direction leaves something to be desired, such as the Italian universe’s rapid escalation from a fun and amusing environment to a funny and exaggerated portrayal, reinforcing the Comic book stereotypes that, over the decades, have helped build an exaggerated, outrageous and gluttonous aspect of Italians. Also the editing and continuity – which works very well in the first act of ‘Love in Little Italy’ – goes a bit in the middle to the end, making it feel like there was no more story to tell and that the film ended up being filled with a sequence of tourist scenes to extend the plot a bit more. The chemistry between the main couple works, although much more because of Emma Roberts’ natural charisma than because of the efforts of Hayden Christensen, completely stuck on paper even with a false accent.

For those who love a good romantic comedy, none of this really matters. And “Love in Little Italy” takes the viewer to travel to Little Italy as if he were having a great vacation, with the right to love, have fun and lots of pizza. With a very good mood and good energy, this is a great movie to start the new year.

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