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Siobhán (Hermione Corfield) is an anti-social scientist who studies marine behavior and anomalies in the behavior patterns of creatures on the ocean floor. To continue her education, she needs to do some field research on the high seas, so she rents a fishing boat whose crew promises to take her to where they fish. Everything goes well until Captain Gerard (Dougray Scott) decides to take the boat to a no-go area, and there the fishing boat hits something that appears to be a large living creature. So what seemed like a big chance that could generate huge profits for the crew quickly turns into a big nightmare, after all, the thing they hit is wiping out a highly contagious … and deadly substance.

One of the coolest things about ‘Contagion on the High Seas’ is that it’s an Irish production – and here’s the challenge: When did you see a movie from Ireland? Although spoken entirely in English, the production does not miss the opportunity to insert elements of the local culture, either with terms in the Irish language (with Nordic characteristics) or with the motto that unleashes the intrigue – a popular belief that women with red hair are out of luck. boats – or even with the explanation of the famous aquatic phenomenon of bioluminescence through local legends. It’s culture.

Written and directed by Neasa Hardiman, “Contagion on the High Seas” has a very smart argument and development. Through fiction, the film raises the shock between science – and its tireless efforts to make the population hear its calls for precaution and care in the face of a possible pandemic – and civilians, with their selfishness and denial that always good sense to go through the water. below. With such a current theme, there’s the trigger alert: the movie portrays situations very similar to what we were dealing with back then, so if you’re not ready yet, it might be a good idea. to let him see it later.

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Although it has a good dramatic load, “Contagion on the High Seas” is an attention-grabbing thriller. Neasa Hardiman makes good use of the artifice of fear of the unknown to construct a threat that is both beautiful and disgusting, provocative and deadly. Threat situations are inserted into the plot in a coherent, evolutionary fashion, and the viewer discovers things with the characters, staying, literally, in the same boat as them. All this being led by a good cast, with outstanding and convincing performance.

“Contagio em Alto Mar” is a great film that is worth the viewer’s time. By mixing a possible reality shrouded in the rhythm of terror, the film builds a perfect trap for those looking to watch something immersive, which makes you want to finish it. Available at Virtual Cinema.

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