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Since the end of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (if you haven’t seen it skip a few lines, because we’re going to spoil it here) Marvel fans have known that Captain America is passing his shield to the Falcon, and from this Right now, we look forward to the start of this new phase of the MCU. While it won’t come, the feature film ‘Combat Zone’, Netflix’s premiere, already gives a great taste of what to expect from the actor.

The world is not the same, because mechanically welded robots are at the forefront of the fight. Harp (Damson Idris) is a soldier with no field experience, as his job is to fly a drone-shaped plane that shoots and follows campaigns from a distance. One day Harp disobeys a direct order and, as a result, ends up being sent to a military camp in Ukraine, where the United States tries to control the rebels to avoid a conflict between Ukrainians, Russians, and dissidents. Arriving at the camp, Harp introduces himself to Captain Leo (Anthony Mackie), who calls him for an important mission: they must deliver vaccines to a point, where they will receive information about the fate of the rebel leader, who wants take possession of deactivated nuclear power plants. to activate hidden missiles. But all is not as it seems, and Harp will find that real life is quite different from what he’s used to behind the screen.

Rob Yescombe’s story combines action, artificial intelligence, science fiction and drama. With a good mix of these four genres, the argument of “ Combat Zone ” – despite this generic title which sums it up with shot-and-punch-and-bomb – is quite believable, in the dystopian universe, but with one foot in reality – after all, only the United States has to believe in the good in entering foreign territory, you know.

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Maaaas, “Combat Zone” does not put that on the agenda, but another point which is much more interesting: the clash between robots and humans, and the elements that characterize each of them. The conflict is supported by countless fight scenes in which we see the two sides fighting side by side, sometimes in opposition, showing that there is no fair and definitive answer in the matter. The special effects to reflect the movements and aesthetics of these AIs and robots are really cool, depending on what the target audience sees a lot in video games like “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield”.

Despite delivering everything that is expected in a good action movie, two things stand in the way of “Combat Zone”: the protagonist, who is an extremely stubborn, hostile character and with overconfidence (like taking patience) ; and the final arc of the weft, which breaks down for a very unnecessary bar force. However, Anthony Mackie is the highlight of the film, because, better than the protagonist, he directs all the action scenes with great mastery and domination, stealing the scene and making us even more anxious of what we can expect from him in as the next Captain America. .

“Combat Zone” is an above average action movie, with more storyline and may even earn an eventual sequel. Depending on the success on Netflix, we can expect such an announcement soon.

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