Criticism | Coded Bias: Netflix Releases Incredible Documentary Based On The Network Dilemma



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In an increasingly connected world, it’s hard to measure contemporary social dynamics without some of the super little tech that has taken over our routine, like facial recognition, more prevalent on smartphones than ever before. But the depth of this tool, its counter-attacks and its real objectives remain far from the population. Trying to unravel the dark side of this algorithm that continues to transform the world, Coded Bias arrives as a necessary, accurate and timely documentary that invites Netflix subscribers to an in-depth debate on free speech and personal safety in the era. data sharing.

Filmmaker Shalini Kantayya is a surprising surgeon from Coded Bias. Faced with a delicate and complex subject for the general public to understand, she appropriates the very design of science fiction films to tell her discoveries. Accompanying a PhD and technology student at MTI, she shows us how the artificial intelligence algorithm for facial recognition was built on an ancient historical structure involving racism, misogyny, and other sexist prejudices.

Didactic in each report, it brings together a group of high-level researchers specialized in the subject, who much more than validate this acclaimed scientific research, bring their expertise in light interviews, but rich in content. Taking us on a revealing journey, Coded Bias manages to develop over an hour and a half of documentary, showing us even deeper layers of technology that has a direct impact on the daily lives of the world’s people. Providing practical examples and explanations governed by a dynamic and easily understandable visual, the production communicates masterfully with all audiences and raises major alerts among the public, confronting them to go beyond the famous “I read and agree. with all the terms ”, which so often we do not read.

With overwhelming documentary richness, Kantayya’s documentary takes us on a thoughtful and pioneering trajectory as The Network Dilemma (also from Netflix) does. Launched at the Sundance Film Festival, 100% acclaimed on Rotten Tomatoes, Coded Bias is an irreversible revelation, which motivates us to be more attentive and less alienated as to how the power and mastery of advanced technologies are able to become hostages. of a system generated under a broad lens of socio-economic and racial stereotypes.

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