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Criticism | ‘A Star Is Born’ soundtrack brings out the best of Lady Gaga



After venturing into pop, electro-rock, electronic music, jazz, and country, Lady Gaga looked in the mirror and decided it was time to conquer an old dream: to conquer the theater world.

Of course, the titanic performer has never failed to imprint film and television traces in her acclaimed music videos and in her hundreds of performances around the world – just look at the emotional competence she brings to ” Marry the Night ”or his appreciation of the macabre and bizarre in“ Applause ”. Even in the underrated “John Wayne” she showed her interest in the theater and, after a few appearances in films and documentaries, she indulged in the lauded and award-winning role of The Countess in the fifth season of ” American Horror Story ”before, in 2018, conquer the world again in the acclaimed portrayal of Ally Maine in the remake of ‘A Star Is Born’. Breaking records and making history again, nothing would be more than a musical role for his debut as a protagonist on the big screen – and the success of the feature film’s eponymous soundtrack shows that, even with highs and downs, Gaga was never left behind. behind by absolutely no one.

The compilation of original songs not only made it a resounding commercial success, becoming one of the highest-grossing soundtracks of the century and securing Gaga another No.1 in the global charts, but it has also fallen in with the likes of critics and members of the Académie phonographique. , winning four Grammy statuettes, an Oscar, a BAFTA, two Critics’ Choice Awards and dozens of other awards. And it’s not for nothing: the artist, allying himself with the impeccable skills of Bradley Cooper, has gone on to prove himself to be one of the most versatile figures in history, demystifying her appearance and betting on something that could fall into the jaded aesthetic, but one that has exploded in irreverent, critical and sensitive ways around the world.

Cooper, who brought decadent music star Jackson Maine to life, surprised everyone with his husky, deep voice, as well as sonic domination to make anyone jealous. He is the voice behind the wonderful “Black Eyes” and “Alibi”, besides investing in Ally’s beginner amateurism and her theatrical mastery that catches her attention from the brief forays of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to surrender. applauding of “La Vie En Rose”, incarnating Edith Piaf like no one else. As if that wasn’t enough, the actor signed several verses and was in charge of the executive production of a good chunk of the tracks, always guided by the music veteran who knew full well what he was doing from start to finish. when the public and listeners. were transported to the spectacular shows of the feature film.

The duo enjoy a passion for what they do that is reflected in every note, every crescendo and every falsetto they share on the tracks. The soundtrack’s flagship product “Shallow” continues to be acclaimed by international critics and continues to reap the rewards of its standing ovation, extending the award record and remaining solid as the most awarded music of all time. . The composition, signed by Gaga and her frequent collaborator, Mark Ronson, brings an elegiac and evocative lyric, painted with thematic explorations of depression, trust and relationships. It is worth noting how the chameleon artist made room for country and folk and moved away from all the alter-egos used in previous eras, shattering the paradigms the cruel media threw on her image and creating another construction that has become the ally of the fans. for its simplicity and affirmed humility.

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Ultimately, it’s Gaga who steals the show, not just for the aforementioned song, but for all the other times he takes possession of a piano and creates magic like no one else. Of course, she had worked with melodic ballads before, as is the case with “Speechless” and “Dope“, and this appreciation of the instrument allowed her to put all of her feelings into a poetic journey of ascension and of fall, romance and hate. , fervor and calm. “Always Remember Us This Way”, one of the beautiful pieces of the album, carries the inspirations of Elton John and Martina McBride, reaffirming the country panorama which governs this synaesthetic and touching adventure; “Look What I Found”, which brings blues rock to the surface, deserved more recognition for being, quite simply, one of the best songs of the last decade; and, ending on a high note, we have the tragic and mind-boggling epic ‘I’ll never love again’.

On the one hand, we have the depth of timeless lyrics that have become instant classics in the entertainment industry; on the other, we have the harsh criticisms that Gaga, Cooper and a team of capable musicians make of modeling the pop scene with the deliberately superficial “Why Did You Do That?” which meets what we expect. ‘such a song; we have the fun synth-pop “Hair Body Face” and even the repetitive “Heal Me” semi-ballad – all three demonstrating an unparalleled ability to blend into well-known country and American melodies.

The soundtrack of “Nasce Uma Estrela” is an abnormal phenomenon when you think of the movie scene. Ascending as the most awarded album of its genre and conquering the most diverse generations since its release until today, few productions have achieved this feat – and few will in the decades to come. .

Rating per track:

1. Black eyes – 5/5
2. La Vie En Rose – 5/5
3. Maybe it’s about time – 4.5 / 5
4. Out of time – 5/5
5. Alibi – 5/5
6. Shallow – 5/5
7. Music in my eyes – 4.5 / 5
8. Dig my grave – 5/5
9. Always remember us this way – 5/5
10. Look what I found – 5/5
11. Heal me – 4/5
12. I don’t know what love is – 4.5 / 5
13. Are you okay? – 5/5
14. Why did you do this? – 4/5
15. Hair Body Face – 4.5 / 5
16. Before you cry – 5/5
17. Too far – 4.5 / 5
18. I’ll never love again (extended version) – 5/5

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