Cristiano Malgioglio’s crazy, live twist: “Collapse, is there an ambulance?”



During the last episode of Tale and What a Spectacle, a twist hit Cristiano Malgioglio: a collapse for the columnist.

Cristiano Malgioglio came back to amaze everyone on the latest episode of Tale and Which Show. Indeed, the columnist was in shock after the performance of a competitor, so much so that he was in danger of collapsing.

The columnist during the music show (Via WebSource)

A hilarious curtain between the juror and what he considers to be the worst competitor of this edition of Conte et Quel Spectacle was repeated during the third episode of the show. In fact, whatever happened did not amuse Rai Uno viewers at all. As you might have guessed, the contestant in question is Valeria Marini, who in previous episodes Cristiano called “the worst of all editions after Alba Parietti”.

Tonight, just as Carlo Conti approached him, announcing that Valeria would perform soon after, Cristiano surprised him. Indeed, the juror exclaimed into the microphone: “Oh mom! Carlo, do you want to bring me down? “. An answer that made even the Florentine conductor burst out laughing. So Conti couldn’t resist running the commercial promising Marini’s performance after sixty seconds.

Such and What a Show, Cristiano Malgioglio makes everyone laugh: Valeria Marini in the viewfinder

Conte et Quel Spectacle, the jury (via AnsaFoto)

Before the performance, Carlo Conti wanted to provoke another little Cristiano Malgioglio by saying: “Do you remember who imitated Valeria last week? I’ll let you see it again”. The conductor then made him review an extract from the performance of the competitor in the episode broadcast last Friday, where she imitated Britney Spears. Obviously, the juror reserved only criticism , which were not taken too well by Valeria Marini.

So Malgioglio wanted to ask the conductor: “Who are you imitating tonight?”. To this question Carlo Conti replied: “Imita Patty Pravo”. That’s why Malgioglio warned: “It’s very difficult to imitate Patty. I don’t want my blood pressure to skyrocket tonight.” Just during Marini’s performance, Cristiano showed up as he gauged the pressure, ready to slaughter the contestant once the performance of the song was over, as he later did. In short, once again it was Malgioglio’s show, with the juror who certainly did not get away with the contestant.

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