craftsman shoots an arrow and kills a man



A man dies pierced by an arrow in Genoa – Photo by Ansa Foto

A forty-one-year-old Peruvian, Alfredo Javier Romero Miranda, died after being hit this evening in the historic center of Genoa by an arrow in the chest fired from a bow. The staff of 118 intervened on the spot with an auto-medical.

The man was transferred to San Martino Hospital in Genoa in code red, and was hospitalized with a reserved prognosis and then underwent a liver transplant. The carabinieri arrested a sixty-three-year-old Italian, Evaristo Scalco, for murder.

The reason for the murder

According to the Arma soldiers, who are investigating the case, the man who shot the arrow was annoyed by the cries of the victim against a compatriot with whom he was arguing. After repeatedly asking him to stop arguing out loud, the two insulted him and threw objects at him out the window. So Scalco looked out the window and shot the arrow with his bow. The carabinieri disarmed and arrested him.

In the house of the arrested man, the soldiers of the radio-mobile core confiscated three bows and thirty arrows, all made by him. The man would be a craftsman from the province of Varese.

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