Coronation of King Charles: new details



The British media have come into possession of never-before-seen details regarding the future coronation of King Charles III. It has been reported, indeed, that the ceremony will be shortened in all its forms, from the time of duration. It seems, in fact, that the new Sovereign intends to reduce the traditional ceremonial by two-thirds, to make it last a little more than an hour.

The Queen Elizabeth ceremony, which took place in 1953, indeed had an overall duration that exceeded three hours. But it is rumored that the king wants a reduced ceremony to avoid excessive costs and immediately show his idea of ​​a modern and streamlined monarchy.

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In addition, rumors suggest that Buckingham Palace will remove 6,000 names from the very long guest list, reducing the number from 8,000 to 2,000. Another important change will also concern the dress code which could allow for more casual attire.

The “modern” coronation of King Charles III

From these rumours, it therefore also emerges that the Palace will have to inform hundreds of nobles and parliamentarians that they will not be able to attend the coronation of King Charles III. The Mail on Sunday also reports that the new king wants to abolish among the ancient rituals that of presenting the king with gold bars. Prince William, meanwhile, could play an important role in planning the event.

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Overall, the ceremony is likely to be more religiously and culturally diverse, with fewer changes in clothing and modernized language. However, the Sovereign will not renounce the most emblematic moments: he will still be anointed with holy oil, he will swear to be the “defender of the faith” and will show himself in procession aboard the Gold State Coach, built in 1762. The date is still hypothetical. Sources outside the Palace this week speculated that it will all happen on June 3.

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This would involve about nine months of waiting, which is a decent period according to tradition. Meanwhile, in the UK, there is heated discussion over the possibility of June 3 becoming a bank holiday, giving Britons a long holiday break. In fact, June 2 marks the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. King Charles will certainly have already turned 74, confirming himself as the oldest English king to be crowned. The new king took power on September 8 at St James’s Palace in London, immediately after the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

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