Coop investigation, Soumahoro in tears: “What did I do to you?”



“Tell me what did I do to you?” Thus begins the video that Aboubakar Soumahoro, deputy of the Alliance of the Greens and the Left, publishes on his social networks. Soumahoro is in the spotlight after Latina’s prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into allegations of embezzlement in cooperatives run by Soumahoro’s wife and mother-in-law. To date, the deputy is neither indicted nor involved in any way whatsoever in the judges’ investigation. But that did not prevent him from finding himself in the whirlwind of political and media controversies.

After his desperate appeal (“I have been fighting for people’s rights for twenty years”), Soumahoro recalls his social and political history: “I am a person of integrity. To clean. Shoe shiner, son of a farmer and housewife. I have always fought for the dignity of work, my whole life has been characterized by the fight against all forms of exploitation.” Then he goes on the attack: “You want me dead but you won’t get there. are afraid of my ideas.”

Co-op investigation, Soumahoro: “The mud you throw on me won’t bury my ideas.”

Soumahoro then recalls that his wife “is registered with the INPS, does not currently have any cooperative. Why don’t you talk to him? When I met her, she was already working in the hospitality industry”. And again: “Talk to my mother-in-law. Ask him who owns his cooperative: I will be the first to strike with the employees and fight for their rights. Finally, the new attack: “The mountain of mud that you throw at me will never bury my ideas.” You wanted the garden nigger, I’m not and I never was. I am a person of integrity.

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