CONTROVERSIAL! Two journalists leave the Golden Globes association and accuse the organization of being “toxic”



After the bombastic announcement that NBC would no longer officially broadcast the 2022 Golden Globes, a new controversy erupted within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the regulatory body responsible for organizing the ceremony.

According to EW magazine, two journalists published a letter of resignation, ending all involvement with the organization. The move came after a thorough investigation by the Los Angeles Times, which revealed a grand scheme of corruption, favoritism, advantage and lack of racial representation within the institution.

In their official statements, journalists Diederik van Hoogstraten and Wenting Xu detailed the reasons that led them to leave the association, where they were among the voters of the Golden Globe.

The duo said they had “supported reform” of the group, which has been criticized by the Hollywood community for a number of issues, including the lack of membership diversity.

But according to the letter, “the majority of members resist the sweeping change, although our lawyers and spokespersons have publicly suggested otherwise. Internal opposition to the status quo has been quelled. Critical voices have been largely ignored ”.

Journalists also claimed that bullying remained “uncontrolled and unpunished” within the institution. “Talent harassment [atores, diretores, roteiristas…] and advertisers: idem ”.

The couple took it a step further by criticizing the organization for what they saw as election issues and “internal transparency” related to compensation for positions within the organization – something the LA Times had highlighted in its February 2021 survey.

In response, the board of directors of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association refuted the arguments, suggesting reporters were sowing “division and doubt”. In an official statement to EW, he was marked:

“It is disappointing that some members have decided to fragment our organization and sow division and doubt. […] But an overwhelming majority of the group chose to be part of the change. While some may have their own agenda, the HFPA Board of Directors and members share a common goal: to bring about the transformational change our organization needs. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is an organization with over 75 years of history. The number of changes we’ve made so far is just the start. This is a pivotal time for our organization and we are ready to work with our members and external groups to make this change a reality. We are eternally grateful to the members who have decided to stay the course during this historic and difficult time to help make this new era a reality for the HFPA.

The 2022 Golden Globes have been officially canceled after a series of complaints against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the governing body of the annual awards ceremony.

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Several studios have called on the HFPA to reform to include racial diversity among its members and end its extensive and corrupt policy of benefits, blackmail and gift-giving between association members and studio professionals. .

Such things would have directly contributed to the decision of voting members to pick Golden Globe nominees over the decades. The recent and unexpected nomination of the series ‘Emily in Paris’, at the expense of other acclaimed productions like ‘I May Destroy You’, was one of the big triggers for the start of the investigation by the Los Angeles Times, early 2021.

At the time, the publication carried out a series of interviews and surveys that confirmed the exchange of favors between studios and journalists, such as paying for expensive trips, giving expensive gifts and other perks that might favor a certain movie, series or actor. to a nomination and a possible reward.

Additionally, the lack of racial representation directly contributed to the exclusion of titles directed, scripted, and featuring black performers. The HFPA does not even have a black journalist among its voting members – which has perpetuated the marginalization of productions written by blacks.

In response to the lack of organ changes, NBC has announced that it will not air the Golden Globes in 2022.

“We continue to believe that the HFPA is engaged in meaningful reform. However, a change of this magnitude takes time and work, and we firmly believe that the HFPA needs time to get it right. As such, NBC will not air the 2022 Golden Globes. Assuming the organization executes its plan, we hope to be able to air the program in January 2023, ”NBC said in a statement.

Recently, major studios severed their ties with HFPA completely, including Netflix, Amazon, and WarnerMedia.

Star Tom Cruise, who has won three Golden Globes in his career, joins the protest against the HFPA. According to Deadline, Cruise returned all three awards to the HFPA this week.

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