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“Common Front not even in the Democratic Party” and “There are two Melons”



Carlo Calenda - Picture by Ansa FotoCarlo Calenda – Picture by Ansa Foto

No common front possible between the oppositions. The response to Enrico Letta’s proposal to remain united against the centre-right during the next legislature comes from the leader of Action-Italy Viva Carlo Calenda. The same no was not made to wait for Giuseppe Conte, who said a common platform other than the Democratic Party “is unthinkable”.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Calenda rejects this call as false. Among the oppositions “there is no common front, not even within the Democratic Party. Half of the party is already with Conte and in fact will go to the demonstration which, in fact, is a demonstration for the surrender of Ukraine, seven out of eleven deputies voted against sending arms”.

Calenda: “The Democratic Party cannot be united on anything”

According to the former Minister of Development, “the Democratic Party is already divided into two camps. They will try to keep everything together thanks to a new secretary who will start saying “with Conte but also with Calenda”. It is something that does not stand up. And speaking of Ukraine, I propose to all parties, starting with Pd and Più Europa, a great demonstration of support”.

According to Calenda “the Democratic Party cannot find unity on anything”, so “it is better that they face each other and decide if it is appropriate to continue to be together”.

Calenda: “There are two melons”

The leader of Action-Italia Viva does not even send them to tell Giorgia Meloni: “There are two Melons. He wanted to get out of the euro, now he’s getting there and saying “I’m an indefinite Europeanist”.

“They won’t do politics in Poland, it’s the two Melons. The fighting melons and the government melons. Today Meloni only has to put on Draghi’s mask and then it’s the same thing, in the sense that he wants the technicians of the Economy, who say “we’re going to be stable on the budget”, it’s always the same drama.” Calenda told Omnibus on La 7, commenting on the message the Fdi leader sent to Vox yesterday.

“Meloni wanted to get out of the euro, now he gets there and says, ‘I’m a pro-European all the way. Salvini did it first, Di Maio did it before, every time we do it. We vote for people who use anger to take their votes and therefore have to say big things like “we’re going to overthrow Europe, we’re going to sink the boats, we’re going to get out of the auro”, then when they get there, never having succeeded in anything in their life, they find themselves managing a very complicated thing and start saying “we are pro-Europeans”. I think citizens are saying, “What did I vote for you to do?”

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