‘Collateral’: Oscar nominated thriller starring Tom Cruise soon to be DELETED from Netflix; Know when!



The thriller that marks the first villain of Tom Cruise’s career, titled “Collateral”, will be deleted from Netflix. The production is saying goodbye to the schedule next Monday, August 1.

In the plot, taxi driver Max is faced with the possibility of making easy money, but everything turns into a nightmare when he finds out that the passenger is a professional murderer. Vincent is in town to complete a drug cartel plan and must wait for the death of witnesses to a crime, so he relies on Max to outsmart the local police and the FBI. Forced to follow his orders, the simple driver has yet to fight the possibility of being killed, as Vincent can use him for his personal protection.

The feature film also stars Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

Check out the trailer:

‘Collateral’ also features Jada Pinkett Smith and Mark Ruffalo in the cast.

The performances of Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise were highly regarded at the time, which even earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Foxx.

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