‘Clifford – The Red Dog Giant’: actress opens up about possible live-action sequel



In an interview with ComicBook, Darby Camp opened up about a possible live-action sequel to “Clifford – The Red Dog Giant”.

Although the literary saga is over 75 books, the actress comments on the changes needed to her character if a sequel really happens, given their age difference.

“A lot of things change in four years. There are very significant changes when you go from 11 years to 15 years. I think Emily would be different [na sequência], but its essence would be the same. I see myself in the character a lot, so it was fun playing her. In a sequel, I would play the character with the vision I currently have.

Joking on the subject, Jack Whitehall, her co-star, commented, “I hope I don’t change too much between this movie and the sequel. In case you noticed, my face stayed the same for two years: because I had a lot of cosmetic surgery, and I will do more in the future. I’m going to put as much Botox on my forehead as possible. I want to stay the same if the sequel happens.

The feature will hit national theaters on December 2.

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Directed by Walt Becker, “Clifford” is based on the novels of the same name by Norman Bridwell, which revolve around a dog and its owner, Emily Elizabeth. The film, starring Darby Camp (“Big Little Lies”), will see the young girl trying to balance her life at home and at school until she crosses paths with the main character, believing he is. destined to become his best friend. What she doesn’t foresee is the sporadic growth of Clifford, who transforms into a gigantic animal and ends up attracting the attention of a geneticist company that wants to kidnap him.

John Cleese, Sienna Guilory, Izaac Wang, Kenan Thompson, Rosie Perez and David Alan Grier complete the cast.

Jay Scherick, David Ronn, Annie Mumolo and Stan Chervin are in charge of the screenplay.

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