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Clevo NH70: A Portal To Quality Gaming



Clevo NH70

With the advent of all aspects of technology, the advancement in the gaming world is one that we can’t deny. Since the beginning of the gen z era, the advancement of gaming consoles and gadgets has become a marvel of its own. So, with the gadgets that have advanced from the traditional computers, gaming computers i.e. the Clevo NH70.

We all have a memory of installing games on our traditional early 2000s PCs and wishing we could have an advanced, amazing PC that’s built just for games. And so all of what human beings have wondered about has been achieved when it comes to technological advancements. 

Hence, Clevo NH70 is even more feasible than a computer as a laptop and is the answer to your gaming dreams.

What Is Clevo NH70? 

Clevo NH70 is a gaming PC Laptop with some really cool specifications that has earned it its name and buyers. Its quality features include extensive options and a design that’s sleek and preferable. It is a laptop that makes it possible to carry it with ease to any location where you desire to play or keep safe. Its 15.6-inch display allows users to view their favorite games in the best graphics and quality making it a real-time experience for buyers.

Most loyal users have reviewed that there may be some cons but no machine is ever perfect, thus the pros of Clevo NH70 make it worth the deal as a long-term gaming portal for gamers’ leisure time. 

What Are The Main Specs Of Clevo NH70? 

Now to walk through its essential features and specifications for a cost-effective buy, let us narrow down its best qualities to highlight whether it matches your satisfaction level and is a great buy for the long run. 


Clevo NH70 has a display of 17.3 Inches with an HD Image display

With a pixel range of 127.3 Pixels per Inch letting, you have an immersive experience with each play.

This makes it an ideal gaming laptop where you’ll get a virtual realistic display of your game’s graphics and design while playing.

Clevo NH70’s screen resolution is 1920×1080, wide view angle of 72% NTSC panel, 127.3 PPI. 


Its graphics are extraordinary being NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti, DX 12 compatible. 


ClevoNH70 has a 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H Processor that works the magic. 


It supports a memory of 64 GB i.e. ROM: 500GB NVMe +1TB HDD RAM: 32Gb DDR4 2666MHz. 

Whilst having a connectivity level of BluetoothWirless-ACLAN (10/100/1000Mbps) to ensure you can download the heavy load games with ease and smoothly. 


Clevo NH70 supports a battery life of Li-Po i.e. up to 3-hour usage charged by a 180W AC Adapter. It offers a decently long battery life that makes every gaming experience a worry less affair.

It’s designed to offer these numerous ports for use: 1x RJ-45 LAN 1 x HDMI™ output Port (with HDCP)1x USB 2.0 Port 1x USB 3.0 Port 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Port (Type A)1x Mini Display 1.2 Port 1x DisplayPort 1.3 over USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C) – output port x 1. 

2-in-1 Audio Jack (Headphone / Microphone)1x Microphone Jack (use Monoprice 110010 headsets)+ Kensington® Lock.


It has a weight of 5.51 Ins/2.50 kg making it a little heavy but that supports the amazing feature of a heavy battery for longer use and best quality specs. 

It sizes to 15.74 x 11.11x 1.15 inches/395x 282x 292 mm. 


The media sound of a gaming laptop is as essential as its display quality therefore Clevo Nh70 offers built-in two speakers Sound blaster cinema and a Built-in array microphone! 

Giving you a memorable experience with high-quality sound. 

What Makes Clevo NH70 A Deal Maker? 

Let us now weigh in on the benefits of owning this amazing gaming PC of Clevo NH70 with a hawks eye view.


It’s a benefit-for-cost deal, owning this gaming PC is rewarding enough and any long-term gaming PC weighs a little on the pocket but the sheer satisfaction of this purchase makes Clevo Nh70 a quality buy. 


Clevo NH70 is a gaming laptop that’s designed with a 64HZ refresh rate and superb execution with each command you give to the gaming PC. 

With its graphics and a higher processor, it lets you have an immersive time that is free of any surprise errors and unpleasant hang-ups. Making your gaming experience worth playing with every refresh.


In all gamers’ list of priority is the neat graphics of the screen that is their portal to the high pixels, realistic graphics of futuristic games

The best buy is always the one in gaming PCs which offers such quality with a great pixel range. 


A healthy battery life of a gaming PC is a necessary feature to consider in detail no doubt. With Clevo NH70 its battery life presents quality hours whether it be somewhere outside as you play in a natural environment or in some leisure time after a tiring long day. 

Having a gaming PC that’s low battery life makes it really hectic for the gamer to experience a smooth experience otherwise it becomes a challenging deal for a gamer to own such a gaming PC for a future use. 

Clevo NH70’s battery life is better than many other options for gaming PCs that are costly with a low battery lifespan. 

Quality Processor: 

Clevo NH70 is designed with a powerful gaming support processor that ensures annoyance-free hours for users. As it is specifically designed as a gaming laptop thus for heavy games that demand a great running processor. 

With a quality i7-9750H processor and 8GB of DDR4 memory, Clevo NH70 has a guaranteed powerful processor that’s to work in a flow with no heat-ups. 

A Cool Experience 

Any PC whether for work and study purposes or whether as a gaming PC is always judged for a cool internal machine process that doesn’t rapidly heat up with consistent use. A worthy PC is always one that’s designed with a fan design that keeps the laptop’s internal machinery cool and smoothly working even during hours of usage. 

With Clevo Nh70, it is designed with fans that provide an internal air flow to keep the machine from heating up upon excessive load process or while the PC is open.

You also have the option of switching the thermal blend every year so that the experience and usage feels as fresh as the new use with Clevo NH70. 

FINAL WORD – Clevo NH70. 

As each year a new gaming PC with better specifications and top features that break the sparkle of its predecessors arrive, Clevo NH70 has maintained its demand in the gaming arena. 

It’s designed to give a strong performance and even above standard processing machine that makes it a best buy. Usually with all models of gaming PC’s that are launched and become old with each year, Clevo NH70 has proven its worth to still be in the list of top best gaming laptop. Its sleek feel and quality is not only impressionable of its worth but its specs prove the user its worth.

With the cool features like the feature of gaming notebook to write down your important notes and codes for your game to its uniquely focused features for a perfect gaming experience. 

Clevo Nh70 is a fulfilling purchase with benefits of guarantee and warranty!

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