City Hall Wedding Dublin



Hey there! Let me tell you about Orla and Sean’s wedding at Dublin City Hall. It was one of those days that just sticks with you. You could feel the love in the air, and every little detail was picked out with so much care.

The Venue: A Photographer’s Dream

City Hall Wedding Dublin isn’t just any old place to tie the knot. It’s got these huge, impressive pillars and loads of space that’s just perfect for photos. I mean, those stairs alone are a statement! And that’s where I got to capture Orla and Sean’s “I do’s.”

Getting Ready: All the Feels

The morning buzz was all about the little things: the dress, the shoes, and the rings. They even had this cute Batman figure that meant a bunch to them. And the invites? They were like old-school telegrams, which was super cool and fitting for their City Hall theme.

The Bride’s Moment

Watching Orla get ready was something else. She was glowing, and when she finally put on her dress and walked down the stairs, it was like a scene from a movie. The look on her dad’s face when he saw her for the first time? Priceless.

The Ceremony: Pure Joy

You could just tell Orla and Sean were over the moon for each other. They lit this candle together during the ceremony, and it was such a sweet moment. Then, walking out as a married couple to cheers from everyone? It was perfect.

Picture Time: City Hall Style

We took some amazing shots around City Hall. The place is just made for stunning wedding pics. The bridal party was rocking this classy navy-blue theme, and it looked ace against the grand backdrop of the hall.

The Reception: Cozy and Personal

At the reception, they had this one big table for everyone. It was like a family dinner but with a fancy twist. The speeches had us all laughing and tearing up. It was just the right mix of fun and heartfelt.

The Dean Hotel: Dinner with a Modern Twist

After the ceremony, we all headed to The Dean Hotel. It’s this trendy spot that was just the ticket for a laid-back wedding dinner. The vibe was as cool and welcoming as the couple themselves.

My Takeaway

I’ve got to say, Orla and Sean’s wedding was a breath of fresh air. It had personality, style, and those personal touches that make a day special. I’m stoked I got to be the one to capture it all.

Thinking of Your Own City Hall Wedding?

If you’re mulling over a City Hall wedding, here’s the skinny:

Locking in the Date: Hit up City Hall directly or check out their website to book.

Why City Hall Rocks: It’s smack in the middle of Dublin, the light’s amazing for photos, and the place has got style for days.

The Ceremony Lowdown: It’s all about civil or humanist ceremonies here.

Time Check: You’ll be saying “I do” in about an hour.

Prep Work: Make sure your date’s free, get your paperwork sorted, and have your docs ready.

Budget Talk: Prices start at €1250 for three hours, but keep an eye out for extra costs if you want more bells and whistles.

Making It Yours: Go ahead and decorate, just check with City Hall on what you can do.

Other Cool Spots: Dublin Castle’s just around the corner if you want to go extra grand.

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