Cinema in mourning, farewell to the actress: she worked with the greatest



Mourning of international cinema. A short time ago we were left by a performer of the big screen who rubbed shoulders with the greatest

Another great interpreter of cinema, of international caliber, left us today. Significant loss especially for the world of the American big screen, given the great longevity of the actress.

Mourning in international cinema (Pixabay)

Actress Eileen Ryan has died aged 94. A name that may not mean much to the Italian public, but it is as much to say that he was a star of the small and big screen in the USA.

Eileen Ryan is also known for being the mother of Sean Penn, one of the best and most popular American actors and directors of the past 25-30 years. It was from her and her father Leo that Penn gained great familiarity with filmmaking and cultivated a love for filmmaking.

Eileen Ryan, TV and film actress and mother of Sen Penn, has died

Eileen Ryan made her youthful debut as a television actress in the 1960s and 1970s. Born in New York in 1927, she had starred in hit dramas in America and beyond, such as Bonanza and The Edge of Reality.

In the 1960s, he decided to retire from the television scene to devote himself entirely to his family. Ryan went back to work, getting into acting, starting in the late 1980s when she started playing the roles of a mature, wise woman.

Sean Penn decided to use the face and the great scenic qualities of his mother by having her appear in three of his films as a director. It’s Lone Wolf, The Promise and Three Days for the Truth. Sean Penn and his mother Eileen Ryan (loop photo)

Eileen Ryan has also been called on to star alongside her son Sean. He has indeed obtained supporting roles in films such as My Name is Sam and All the King’s Men, in which the well-known actor plays the main role.

Disappeared at 94, Eileen Ryan had another son, composer and songwriter Michael Penn. While in 2006 she lost her youngest son, actor Chris Penn, to a sudden heart attack. Her husband and director Leo Penn also died in 1998.

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