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We just blinked and the year was over. 2021 was the continuation of 2020, the year that did not happen. And while many are trying to get their lives back to normalcy, what happened in 2020 and what happened in 2021 still remains murky – with the two years mixed in our minds thanks to the pandemic of coronavirus. In any case, it’s December again, ready for the end of year celebrations. On the cinema side, we have seen a lot of good films showing not only in theaters, but also on the countless current streaming platforms.

Keeping up to date with what’s new in cinema is good. But there are those who turn and move prefer to bet on nostalgia. Older moviegoers always end up choosing to go back and revisit true classics of their time, remembering their youth and working hard on this production which must be seen at least once a year. Well, that can also include the youngest who have a taste for productions made before their time. Whether new or old, we all have this hot movie that for some reason we haven’t seen it yet. To see again or to discover for the first time, the New Year holidays and the Christmas and New Year celebrations are always a special occasion to catch up on the cinema. And here we decided to help with some tricks of true 80s classics, present in a streaming with a collection to give taste: Star +, a property, say, “more grown-up” by Disney +. See below and don’t forget to comment.

Taking advantage of the highly anticipated third installment of The Adventures of Paranormal Investigators is played out in dark rooms with Ghostbusters: Beyond, Critical and Public Success, nothing better than to go back and revisit (or find out) where it all began. The film was one of the first blockbusters in history and marked an era, creating generations of fans. One of the biggest draws is the mix of comedy, adventure and horror, with ghosts dominating New York City. Four very unusual scientists are the only ones capable of saving the world.

Undertaking more than precise for the original film, this second is in fact the most suited to the year-end season, precisely because it takes place in such a period. One of the messages in this sequel is for people to be better and kinder to each other. It might sound silly now, but it was the ’80s when the politically incorrect reigned – and in a way the feature argued for the opposite, being pretty visionary. In the plot, the negativity of the people of New York City creates a river of silt (in Murder Bubble style) underground in the city, at the same time as a haunting painting arrives at a city museum. In the new year, it’s up to the protagonists to reverse this thought.

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When you think of a Christmas movie, the first thing that comes to mind is always Home Alone (1990). Second, your sequel. And then any other movie at the time. Well, just as iconic is this Duro de Matar, one of the most Christmas action movies in the history of the seventh art. It might not be everyone’s call to see gunshots, explosions and deaths this season, but those who love adrenaline, fun and one of the best action movies of all times can certainly discover the journey of the typical New Yorker cop John McClane (Bruce Willis), finding himself in Los Angeles in a large skyscraper with the intention of reconciling with his wife. They just didn’t have a group of criminals breaking into the party.

Okay, do you want a movie starring Bruce Willis that is most recommended for the whole family on this date? How about one that still features star John Travolta? No, I haven’t gone mad and recommend Quentin Tarantino’s Bloody Pulp Fiction (1994) for Christmas. Turns out Willis and Travolta previously collaborated on this Look Who’s Talking, a cute little movie about a single mom and a cab driver hooking up, and the guy who helps raise little Mikey. The main thing here is that the baby has their own perspective and balconies, all told through Willis’ voice – while Travolta is paired with Kirstie Alley.

Speaking of children, here is an uplifting friendship story for you. And best of all, one written by none other than Stephen King. But calm down, here we won’t have any haunting or any other element of terror. The plot tells the story of a group of four pre-teen friends who embark on an adventure when they decide to walk to a faraway place where legend has it that a boy’s body is found. faded away. During this journey of maturation, they will be faced with many challenges. In the role of the youngsters are Corey Feldman, Jerry O’Connell and the late River Phoenix.

Go from a tween movie to a movie about high school teens looking for a relationship. For Rent Girlfriend is a true icon of the ’80s and early’ 90s Afternoon Session reruns. Back then, many teen movies attempted to debunk the concept that popularity and beauty were most important. , and always trying to teach a lesson in seeing “the inside”, human nature. So, retired nerd Ronald (Patrick Dempsey) strikes a deal with the most beautiful and popular girl in high school Cindy (the late Amanda Peterson). She, starved for money, agrees to pose as her girlfriend for a certain amount, but the two end up genuinely falling in love.

Mixing whimsical supernatural elements and picking up on a theme star Kevin Costner has used extensively in his career, sports, Field of Dreams is a touching father-son story, perfect for family to watch at the end of the year. It is also a spiritual story, about dreams, faith and messages from the hereafter. Costner plays a guy who lives with his family on a large rural property. He begins to dream and have visions of baseball players asking him to build a land on their plantation. “If you build it, they will come” is the memorable phrase. Thus, he will be able to attend the greatest match of all time, with in particular the presence of his deceased father, a player.

Still in the field of sports films, the resilience and resilience of the human spirit are important messages to convey on this date. And Star + brings to its collection this one who is the great Oscar winner of 40 years ago. The film is about the friendship forged by two Olympic marathon runners from different backgrounds and religions, competing in 1924: a Jew and a Christian. Chariots of Fire won 4 Oscars: best film, screenplay, costumes and soundtrack for the unforgettable composition of Maestro Vangelis – whom you certainly know. Search the internet now and you will see what it is.

Continuing in the field of uplifting films, studying and learning is a big part of what makes us who we are. And for that, you need the right teacher. The educator is the one who will shape our minds and will be the basis of our projection into adulthood. At the cinema, we met several iconic masters, inspiring knowledge and captivating their students. However, perhaps no other is as memorable as the one experienced by the unforgettable Robin Williams in this Oscar-winning film. In the film, Williams plays the teacher responsible for making his young students see poetry differently. The feature film was nominated in the Best Picture, Director and Actor categories for Williams, and won the Best Screenplay category.

The good thing about advice lists is diversity. This word brings balance to the world. And each list should think of several genres, even one that indicates productions for the holiday season – to make it as eclectic as possible. Make no mistake, all films are more in demand than the good ones, carrying many messages and lessons worth considering in this time of new beginnings and new goals. Here, in this science fiction, the message is indeed friendship between different people. In the future, in the climate of Star Wars, a human meets a being from an alien race. Judged as enemies, a great rivalry sets in between the two. Gradually, they begin to realize that maybe they are not that different. And from the fight is born one of the most beautiful friendships of cinematographic entertainment. Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. put on a show in the lead roles, with the unrecognizable Gossett buried in pounds of makeup to play the creature known as Drac.

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